Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brunch at Antoinette

Sometimes during my pregnancy, weekends are really worth waiting for and it's always packed with loads of things to prep for the baby's coming. Then there are other times during weekends where you just don't have the knack to do anything at all and really want to go back to the usual lifestyle of having brunch, meeting gal pals and having a good time bonding.

so this weekend is one of those days where i'm back to my old self and want to have some fun!

we chose this little parisian cafe at Penhas Road for our mini gathering where i updated the gals on my pregnancy journey so far...and shared some good food! The french toast with caramelized bananas were really a treat! And it came in 3 slices which were perfect for us 3! The bananas were so nice..soft and sweet, goes really well with the eggy toast.

we also ordered a salty crepe with ham and sunny side up...this one was so-so.
But it was good company that i really enjoyed...loads of laughter and tsk-tski-ng at others...Opps...hmm...well everyone does that right? well almost everyone!

+ happy weekend +

don't make pregnancy slow you down!

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