Monday, April 30, 2012

Labour Day at Suan Thai Restaurant

It's Labour Day (1st May) and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
Today we are celebrating my dad's birthday in advance because his birthday falls on a working day. And I've book for a table for 4 at Suan Thai where they serve Thai cuisine buffet style but in ala carte.
And there are 6 dishes on the Buffet menu where you can only ask for one time only.

the desserts and salads you have get it yourself by the side of the restaurant. No problem at all.
I was late in the booking so had to settle for outside doors, when i arrived, they gave me an outdoor seat which was situated way back at the restaurant where it was like a greenhouse effect!!! Very hot and stuffy!

And being so pregnant, i really couldn't take the heat, so hubs asked whether could we sit along the 5 foot way outside where there were a table left. And they obliged and quickly set up the dining wares for us.

the food standard has dropped i must say since my last visit which was quite some time ago...probably due to many people are using some coupons to have a good deal meal here.

there's really nothing nice or worthy to compliment on their thai cuisine. The fish cake took really long to arrive and i had to remind the waiter 3 times before i got it really fried and dry. The Tom Yum Soup seafood was so-so. The pandan wrapped chicken was not aromatic, the chicken satay was edible, the oyster stir fried vegetables was ok, stir fried baby kai lan with salted fish wasn't great either because the small kailan was old and stringy...
The beef with cashew nut was horrible, it tasted like sweet sour pork and not anything like beef!
The boneless stuff chicken wing reminded me of siew mai...just alot of flour and minced meat.
Chicken with basil leaves was also passable...
The only dish i found palatable was the sweet sour fried fish! Which is not very Thai right?

So don't bother coming here for their buffet unless no choice.

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