Friday, April 27, 2012

PPE Celebrations at Group Therapy

we (our study group) have all passed our Professional Practice Examinations! And we have a mini gathering for brunch at Group Therapy!!!

why i chose this place:
1) we decided to give this place a try
2) i feel like eating a big hearty brunch
3) i wanted a cafe where we can hangout
4) i've never been here before!

verdict: the waiter and waitress are friendly and service was prompt. Although it was quite crowded but the atmosphere was good.

Food: not bad, not a wide variety but can do.
Love: Their almond roasted cafe latte!!!

Ate and tried: Waffles, Ham and cheese panini, chilli crab pie, salmon Gruyere sandwich and Beef+mushroom pie

As you can see from our photos...we are a pack of happy stomach filled peeps!

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