Friday, March 31, 2006

my fave picture this week

an image of my flywire.

for the past 5 years, i have been using the ixus digital camera. and thanks to blogger as well, and i have amassed quite a few ardent fans on my photography. and i really really want to say it's all ixus!!!

i think my ixus' colour is really powerful and it's sharp too! though i put it to normal resolution, just enough for a 4R photo. I dunno about filters and lenses...gosh when i get people asking me what filters or lens do i use then i will go Huh...

yah, believe me im really that amateur. but i have been very lucky with daylight and sunlight...and i still believe it's the ixus lah. although the current one im using is not my very first one...cos the old one went missing, although i have a sneaky suspicion that i accidentally pushed it over my tabletop and into the dustbin. Gosh until today i still haven forgiven myself...those days, a digital camera was really expensive! not that it's very cheap now...*duh*

yup yup, im velley velley happee that there are people out there who enjoys my photos!!! just spurs me onto taking more and more! heehee, though i dun think i'll venture into filters and lens...cos it just wun be my style anymore! rite?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Say my name

ever thot of being someone whom u wannabe?
here's ur chance at starbucks!
when ordering a cuppa coffee or beverage, they will always ask for your you can be who u wanna be! just for that few seconds of pleasure. ENJOY!

rem: order ur skinnys ah!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

fiery fly wire

dear diary,

yesterday i spent the whole afternoon walking up and down russell street to find a bloody hardware store. sheesh...that was becos the lady at bigW told me that they didnt sell flywire but they sell mozzie net. and why i have to find a flywire? becos my studio tutor wanted us to experiment with flywire... and do i know wat the hell is a flywire? no..but thanks to google, i googled it. and yes so i have seen the likes of a flywire...on google images. THANK YOU GOOGLE.

the lady at bigW just told me that there was a hardware store along russell, but never say where. so i walked down instead of up...all the way to fedsq...i walk the entire melbourne city..and further than fedsq i would be heading to another suburb aredi!

so i walked back to bigW direction and on the way, i went into a shop to ask them where is that bloody hardware store...."just further up" the salegirl said. GREAT...oh... on the way. i even called Jubes to ask her whether does she knows of a hardware shop in russell...

oh well.. *trot trot trot*...alamak... the hardware store is just further up of bigW!!! gosh! feel like banging my head against the wall...anyway i walked inside.

"Do you have flywire?"
"Yes we do! come over here i'll show you."


sudden twist of events....
*pinky is on the verge of fainting*

"Do you have the metal ones?" cos studio tutor wrote on task:

Ensure that you have not bought the plastic flywire

"Oh i'm afraid they are out of stock..."
"#@#@#" in my heart....
"When will the stock come?"
"Not sure, friday afternoon maybe?"


this afternoon, after getting reliable sources that there is another hardware store in carlton along elgin st...i walked half an hour there and ta-duh i saw it! woohoo! and i bought that bloody flywire. cost me $17.62. and i walked another half an hour back, to treat myself i got 2 sushi rolls...teriyaki and cooked salmon. yum yum.

got pricked by flywire on the way back. damn.

one hour later, back at apt.
start fiddling with flywire.

*ouch ouch*

~boohoo pinky~

he sings!

he sings to me on MSN... *lalalala*

Monday, March 27, 2006

no more full cream milk for me!

Calorific content of coffee shop drinks

All values are approximate, and will vary from location to location.
*Brewed cofee without milk or sugar: less than 10 calories
*Large (16oz) cafe latte with milk: 260 calories
*Large caffe latte with skimmed milk: 150 calories
*Large cappuccino with whole milk: 150 calories
*Large cappuccino with skimmed milk: 100 calories
*Large mocha with whole milk: 260 calories
*Large mocha with skimmed milk(no whip): 180 calories
*Cup of coffee with sweetened beverage creamer: 140 calories

***look at the difference between a latte with milk and a latte with skimmed milk! half the calories!

so to my fave gals!!! order skinnys now!!! anyway it's so IN with our skinny jeans! Duncha think so??? now where's my cuppa skinny latte?

info was gotten from asiaone's wine and dine section

it's a LOVE HATE relation

my georg jenson and a book of AA review.

~ inspired by JubesBabe ~

a winter's nite in shenzhen January 2005

*old photos dug up once more*
~ im an old romantic ~

monday afternoons...

yesterday i was boiling a 3pc chicken soup in my pot, thinking of having all 3 pcs for dinner...then i thot to myself, might as well portion it into 3 parts then i eat chicken for 3 meals! Just add noodles...and so last nite i had my chicken meesua...and today for lunch is chicken beehoon!

sheesh...that's the highlight of my pathetic day.

and for the downlight...
i thot daylight savings started yesterday but's gg to start next sunday cos they have decided to postpone it due to the commonwealth games and i was late for my lecture!!!
Idiots! (>_<)

sulking pink.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

~ frizzle ~

outside my balcony.

the amazing things u can see.

the starry nites.

the hottest afternoons.

the most colourful fireworks.

Friday, March 24, 2006

we are the champions today and we will keep on fighting till the end...we are the champions. we are the champions. no time for losers....

~lala....still singing pink~

***Bridge road once more***

waiting for a tram along Bridge road in my mitt green polkas and sunnies!
lately we have been getting into a mood of shopping spells! ever since that walk down along swanston street, picking up a few polka dotty clothings, it just spurs us gals from getting more and more. call it addictive shopping!

despite sean's relentless pleas of: huh u going to waste money again ah?
googie still continues her retail therapy and bought yet another top from SUPRE again.
despite jubes being our controller...
she still tells us: eh there is a FEMME store downstairs where the bags are going for $6...*itch itch*
despite nichee telling us how restricted her cash was...
woohoo! she still manages to find a gorgeous top from Valleygirl.
sigh.... (that was a satisfied sigh ok!)
although this time round to bridge road wasnt as CHEAP or BOUNTIFUL as the last shopping spree...but hey it's not everyday u get a warehouse sale for christsakes. we still managed to dig up a few treasures! jubes and googie managed to find a $2.50 PUNY rustic rattan bag each which came with a HUGE PURPLE ACCCESORIZE paperbag. Call it the '2 for the price of 1' !! and at COTTON ON, we dived straight into the alleys of clothes without further ado...not a single word to each other. we were that focused on shopping! haha...i even managed to find a $5 nice decent tee for WJ and there was this Amazing shirt which caught my eye but unfortunately, there were no sizes left...however jube's bf size was still available and she bought it!!! LUCKY GAL...hmm or should i say lucky boy....

and of cos my next fave stop would be Bardot...and haha they were having this little rack of discount where it was a discount on top of a discount! imagine that but the clothings were still a tad too ex. and nichee tried on this TERRIFIC satin dress which emplified her figure to the max.

read: PRICE TAG $199.
whoops a daisy!!! back to the rack where it came from! more sighs...

nvm...with a job in hand next time, im sure we can buy the whole world of clothes and bags and shoes and more bags and more shoes and more clothes the next time round! until then, we shall keep our chins up and keep our eyes wide for cheap bargains! cos we are the bargain hunters! or like other pale counterparts put it...vultures.

hate those angmohs...ignore them googie hunny!!!
ps: oh did i mention Jube babe!... u look awesome in that ultra short short dress!!! can parachute somemore!!! *winks*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Field trip!

Image hosting by Photobucket

today im off to some ulu pandan thermoMass housing field the suburbs!!! (where exactly i have no idea) so i have gotten myself ready! i have armed myself with a sketchbook, my handy mt franklin, a pen and even recharge my camera's battery and brought an extra battery too! let's hope it worth the tutor m says that our schoolbus got pinched! Imagine that!!! how the hell did something so big gets disappeared? anyway he says that his booking still stands! and hopefully we might get a new bus! *grin*
Ritey! anyways, WJ is not msn either cos he has gone to shunde for some groundbreaking ceremony...although he was reluctant at first but on second thots, since i wun be online to accompany him today and there will be free food at the ceremony...what the heck! might as well go!
And as for yesterday, shucks.... no luck at activity watchin' at FedSq.Swarms and swarms of people! i could see them from afar!!! and it sent a claustrophobic chill down my spine! im not very good at such back to the State Library for me people watching. Must be the commonwealth games that attracted so many pple atFedSq. it kinda make me think that nobardy needs to work anymore! doesnt look like an ordinary wednesday afternoon, looks more like a GrandPrix saturday!!!
sigh back to work for now until later....

Monday, March 20, 2006


~dedicated to tine

the dream i had last nite

it was one of the sweetest dreams i had in a very long time...and when i woke up at 930am this morning i didnt want to wake up...instead i nestled my face back into my pillows and hope that my dream would carry on. and it did.

the setting was in school, the lights were warm and yellow. the concrete walls and pillar seem so soft. we were sitting at the table, discussing and i felt a glow that made me very happy. very happy. we were together. and i was smiling deep down inside. it seemed like a very long time but i wished it never ended.

we walked down the escalator, going to join our friends but they never waited up for us... he carried my drawings for me and guided me towards the escalators with his gentle touch. his eyes were so filled with warm and love... i nearly melted looking at him.

he...was jay chou.

Saturday, March 18, 2006



>>>>> here are the picpics we took at the Loft... yes it was that boring that we had to amuse ourselves with the camera! kudos to camera-man Jason who whipped out his nifty camera from his pocket!!! imagine that! woohoo!

A poem from WJ

The morning sun shines through the window,

Warming the bed as lazy Jie sleeps on his pillow,

In his mind, images of Qi run amok,

She is tugging and tugging at his sock.

Telling him to wake up wake up,

Go and make her some coffee in a cup.

Sleepy Jie ruffles his hair,

And pats his pillows which he bought in a pair.

But Qi is not there because it was just a dream,

She is somewhere else; perhaps eating some ice cream.

A poem as silly as this,

Can only be written by Jie; because he misses something which is his.

Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi....

My wonderful pink pea!
the email i got from wj this morning as i was on my way to collingwood...
it was a very sunny sunday afternoon i must say...compared to yesterday. And i guess the only good thing was that me, jubes and googie all managed to exchange the things which we wanted for...and of cos gals will always be gals, those two ah, couldnt resist a good bargain....the minute jubes was there, she said the clothes were BECKONING TO HER!!!! calling her to "BUY ME BUY ME..."
oh...i hate the girl who got those 2 beautiful dresses for $3 each! Damn, why couldnt i find it before her! i lost my shopping mood (read: 110% gone!!!) after i saw her grabbing those frocks! SHIT! it was suppose to be MINE MINE MINE!!!!
*sob sob* i hope the 2 beautiful dresses will look horrible on her...anyway, googs said she was a walking stick. oh wells, on second thots she does look like a walking scarecrow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

so high.

sometimes it's a good thing that i reside on the first floor...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

how huh?

pg 83...

the human body is made up of several hundred different types of cells - muscle, blood, nervous, and so on. At any given time, approximately 75 trillion of these cells are working away in your body. In a very real sense, you are the sum of their actions; there is no you without them. And yet those cells are dying all the time! Thousands probably died in the time it took you to read the last sentence, and by next week, you will be composed of billions of new cells that weren't there to enjoy the reading of that sentence, much less enjoy your first step or your high school prom. Cells are dying all the time in your body - and most of them are being replaced at a tremendous clip. (Even brain cells turn out to regenerate themselves far into adulthood) And yet somehow, despite that enormous cellular turnover, you still feel like yourself week to week and year to year. How is this possible?

Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Softwares. Steven Johnson.

Friday, March 10, 2006

jazz up that wardrobe for summer!

dress: SUPRE. yellow belt SUPRE. all accessories are from Carrington along Swanston street!
~velley addicted shopaholic me.

+ and also googs who dragged us back to SUPRE again and jubes who bought the obi belt together with me!!! haha we had our eye on that for the longest time when googs was in the changing room!!!

thanks gals for that BEAUtiful day along swanston!!! haha and i'll try to rem that incks is not lincontrol....

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Precious Moments

i'll never forget...

the nite u laid ur palm on my hand in the cab.
when we first held hands outside cineleisure
the starry nite where u kissed me under a pavilion
the nite we walked home from hollandV

our first trip to phuket, the first time i saw u in bermudas!
our first sunset along the road
our first chat on the plane to beijing
the nite i told u to help me check my dvds on Hongdian
the evening u carried my shopping bags in beijing
and helped me choose my first pair of fake adidas

the first time i saw u angry with me at Hans
my first GeorgJenson ring
the moments when i knew ur ck underwear "flew" away
the nite i saw u waiting for me at my bus-stop
the afternn u spent waiting for me at botanic gardens
our first clubbing experience at zouk

my first box of godivas to you (i took alot of courage)
my first present that was in my drawer while u were in china

my first diamond ring from you on the 07.02.2005

our first fireworks on the eiffel tower
when i saw u drooling on the train
i peeled chicken meat for u outside walmart
my first bouquet in melbourne on valentine's day - pink tulips
monthly flowers from you
the first handmade card i got - 3d somemore!
our gelatoes along lygon
cakes at cafe greco
greasey joes breakfast lot
picnic with wine and nuts and the sydney opera house was our backdrop
a beautiful afternn at leura with latte foam in our mouths
shopping along bridge road, COTTON ONs

our trip to Disneyland with Mickey and minnie ears
when we played strip poker with our ear muffs on
our 'wedding' photoshoot where the photographer called u gege...
the macau tower which we didnt go
horrible stuffy dinners at daobao
the shenzhen magnet which i never got

my first puke on the carpet
our trip to shanghai and dined at the mezzanine
the turkish coffee which u didnt like
the portugese egg tart that was so heavenly in shanghai

our first anniversary at tony romas
ur 2nd diamond ring to me at Haagen Daz
the day u took MC and we spent the whole afternn arranging our photoalbums
our first nite safari with ben and jerry's

the toothpaste on my toothbrush
the washed coffeemug
the so cold baywindow with twinkling lites on our xmas tree
the treasure chest filled with my letters to you

i'll never forget.

Monday, March 6, 2006


she airs my room
she cleans the stains on my bed
she feeds my four legged pets
she even talks to them as if they are human
she walks with her slippers that goes pik-piak
she pats on a 'happy face' before she goes out per se
she mends my clothes
she 'coups' hot chocolate from the breakfast buffet
she wants to cook my favourite when i come home
she asks me what time im coming home
she asks me if i need dinner
she mumbles silently when im not coming home tonite
she tells me to take care when i leave home
she hugs me goodbye with tears in her eyes
tells me goodnite
closes the door

and wakes me up if i need to.

things that amazes me

this evening just after prof prac, and after a chat with nicole, i was walking briskly back to my apt from school...which by the way is a VERY VERY short walk. the evening was very chilling and so i walked really fast, crossed the road and was reaching the corner of my street, when suddenly, an angmoh said HI to me...

okay...HI is fine since we are in an angmoh country and i assume all angmohs are friendly. But no, he asked me where i was heading, did i finish school just and i said "yeah..i just finished school and gg back to my apt now..." and then he asked for my name and so i give him, chinese ah..come to think of it are so obedient...u ask them for something they will give it to you OBEDIENTLY.

then the next moment i was at my apt downstairs and he said he was gg for drinks and asked me to come along and so politely i said "nah...i've go homework to do" yah like real...can't wait to escape man! and then he wanted to give me his number!!! okay better than he asking for mine!!!

so he jotted his number on my lecture notes and then he asked the sickening question " arent u gg to give me yours?" ..."eh...i'll call you!!!" i smiled weakly.

*damn sure i wont!!!*

"You sure u going to call me"
"yep!"..."bye!!!" and i rushed into the lobby of unilodge. press the button and hope that the lift comes fast enuff and stormed into my apt.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

clubbing!!!.....with a sandwich

well, since last nite i failed to enjoy a nite's out with my fave gals at club here i am, treating myself to a club sandwich instead!!!

hey so anyone of u who wants a bite can tell me, sheesh after spending 1 year alone in melbourne, i make pretty good sandwiches i must say!!! and oh, they are very low fat...of cos lah, done by me, must be low low fat!