Saturday, April 29, 2006

get ready...set...W R A P !!!

what i did this morning...

had a cuppa aik cheong coffee without milk cos i ran out of it...shucks gotta buy later when i go out. i wrote a grocery list afew nites ago, but i cant seem to find it anyway, maybe it got sucked into the vacuum cleaner...*wince*

130pm: look at the time...gosh i better start wrapping WJ's presents if not i have no more time!

C A N N O T.....P R O C A S T I N A T E.....V E L L E !

started the rainy and so good-to-sleep-in afternoon with my pink tool kit...

145pm: wrapping's not all that fun...time to whip out my IXUS!
' look hands!' - toes come in handy when u need some extra hands!

prior to the wrapping, (from 100pm-130pm) i got into my handy photoshop and made a few miniature images of WJ's shirts and tees...after printing the cutesy small shirts, finished wrapping the real ones and ....finally adding abit of my velley touch on to it! makes it all so personal and it's really fun doing it especially when u want to get a moment away from schoolwork.

W J ' s C o r n e r
> to greet him when he arrives tomorrow morning...sssh! it's a secret between u and me!

the day before the big day

last nite, wj asked me whether was i excited that he was coming over.

i said not yet.
i think he was quite disappointed.
i was sad for him too.

but i couldnt help myself, i remembered the last 2 times when he was about to come over, i would clean the apt a week before hand, that includes the toilet, bedsheets, carpet, wash all my dirty laundry, mop the floor, clean the stove till u can see ur reflection kind! i only managed to vacuum my apt yesterday prior to the 2 days time which he is suppose to arrive.

but suddenly this morning i woke up with a sense of euphoria. an buzz of excitement that tingles in my bones. i realised that i was excited afterall, and that there was PINK in this world..and i dun feel that depressed anymore!

and i dun feel like doing anymore studio work...i haven even wrapped WJ 's presents yet! which im gg to do later...and i haven planned as to where we gg to visit the places in Melbourne! which i used to do like a month before he came. i haven done any preparation at all! and im gg to start right now....

well heck if i get a bad midcrit, at least i got a shoulder to cry on.

maybe i will stop wearing black for awhile. at least i wun look the same shade as baozhatou.

once upon a time....


my dearest quirky princess...

thanks for being there on msn for me...
although i have been MIA for the longest time...

haha...i'll be back once all these is over...

okie back to oh..haa...mmm.....

the world is so unfair

just finished watching 'Ocean's Eleven'...needed a break from hibernating in my apt. midcrit just make my nerves go on all ends. dunno why they cant let us graduate without having to torture us...isnt there very few architects on planet earth aredi? and god's sake, for the amt of time we spent studying, our starting pay is really peanuts. so why cant they make our lives easier?

i dun mind working late nites for a submission if i know that my starting pay is going to be at least 3.5k like the doctors or lawyers or even the engineers...
no our starting pay is only 2.6k

i wonder why...

Friday, April 28, 2006

bored to tears...

WJ is forever in GZ for meetings and i have steered clear from login onto MSN! can u believe that?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Targeted @ Target

i was out this morning to take a walk in the city and more so for a reason as i was surfing last nite at oz's infamous Target and i saw this vintage shirt!!! *giggles* kinda remind me of Topman's shirt which are really expensive and so not affordable.

And so i made my way to the doors of Target, and eh hem...because it is me, i walked straight to the shoes dept. it didnt have that 20% sale anymore when i was there the last time with jubes and googie. but still, i wouldnt rest in peace or do my studio work properly if i know that there is perhaps a mere fraction of chance that my shoe size is there! Seriously i have been thinkin of that shoe for the past week!

and yes! i found the shoe! hehe my size and i was very happy...but the price tag was marked $34.99. abit heart pain but i reckon that it will come in useful when i start working and it wasnt really those 'hot' things which you would only wear for a BUY IT! i thot to myself...

but of cos i wandered quite long in Target before spear heading to the cashier. about 1 hour of thinking cos it was $34.99.

So didnt want to torment myself to long about 'to get or not to get' syndrome...i walked to the men's dept to find the paisley print shirt which caught my eye on the website. and TADUH! i finally found it amidst so many shirts! the original price was $34.99...but it was on offer so it was slashed to $19.88!!! quite cheap rite?wait till i tell u the last bit...

as i made my way to the cashier, the cashier asked me the usual 'hi how are you?'

and my usual reply ' good!!!' looking very chirpy..but deep down i went 'like real...'

as she was scanning the 2 items, the shoes were scanned in at $24.89 instead of the $34.99! and the shirt was scanned at an unbelieveable $15.90 instead of the $19.88!

*faints* with happiness

an editted southpark V E L L E

things which i will do just to avoid doing studio work...

*tsk tsk*

one down one more to go!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
techproject's midcrit is finally over!!! after being pushed back by one week...*winced*

and here is a picpic of my THERMOMASS house just for mummy to she kinda know what i have been up to for the past week, moaning and groaning over the phone that techproject and studio's midcrit both got pushed back and simultaneously i have to juggle both of them together.

actually i find this semester's technology project really interesting as it kinda make me think about how i wanna build my 'future' house! haha that is if we get enough money to do so...gosh then again when we do get that kind of money, maybe my taste in architecture wouldnt be like this anymore! well...thots and money aside... since, i cant be physically in my house might as well let my presence be felt in imagery!
TADUH...many velles and WJs in the house! woohoo! the power of photoshop! *giggle*

okie better stop bloggin' and back to my studio work man...
will keep u gals updated on my stale and mundane life!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

hello southpark goodbye meegoes!

this is how i look like now,
frizzy hair..although i just washed it today...
dazed look in front of jitsu
my teeth biting the bottom of my mouth whenever i see the calendar on my wall..and time is going tick tock tick tock to midcrit...
occasionally i have the 'duh' look too. my mouth agap. dunno what i'm thinking but sometimes i remember to close my mouth back again.

wearing my s&k jacket most of the time when the weather is unbearable and my pink trackpants, and aunty beaded slippers.

gosh, i look more and more like the south park character i have created.

have fun gals!

click here to create ur own south park!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

c a p t u r i n g

it was love at first sight.
i think jubes can vouch for it too. it was so striking! and so PINK! how can i miss it...i just dashed for it while googie hurriedly pass me by to the Mount Franklins. haha i think her thirst was driving her parched! she didnt even know that i was waylaid by this pink thingy!

a pink column for the pink editor

ample sleeves for 4R photos. just for me and my darling gals in melbourne. there is too much memories here and my RAM grey matter just cant contain all! so hard copy is good!

if i can remember to put down the dates and feelings and the farnie moments! oh... i cant wait! i think i will have lotsa fun doing it up... but it'll just have to's beckoning to me man...*dress me! dress me!*

t h i n g s t o d o

* go buy more bling blings!

* collate all quirky moments

* burn to cd

* get WJ to develop

there is a negatives pocket behind.sheesh, who uses negatives? i think i shall put cds man. duh.
blings blings each sold separately.

and of cos the blings blings wun stop here, knowing me, i will get more sparkies to decorate this melbourne memoir! i was a butterfly incarnated. or so i think. scully i was a fat caterpillar that didnt make it...*Drop*

~ bling bling...i will come to you... ~

im a ....SIREN?!?!?!

Take this test at Tickle
Velle, you're a Siren!

Like the beautiful sea mermaids who've swum before you, Siren, you certainly have a way of drawing people in. Whether wooing a crush with your alluring voice or impressing someone with your unique take on the world, you're sure to captivate more than your share of audiences.It must be the balance between your glittering personality and your individual style that keeps friends and family enamored by your presence. From being able to predict next season's "it" color to pairing leopard print with plaid before it hits the pages of Vogue, people see you as a fashion goddess. You may not want to admit it, but you're part trendsetter and people look to you for direction. Of course, you know there's more to life than shopping for the latest adorable accessory. You pursue success in all aspects of life — from offering creative insights at work to running marathons. You have big dreams, Siren, and by keeping them in sharp focus, you're sure to come out a winner.

what a joke.

while waiting...

swinging seats that took us into swinging action!

- polaroids taken while waiting for nichee at basement bubble tea.


from googie babe.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

2 sleepy people
Here we are
Out of cigarettes
Holding hands and yawning
Look how late it gets
Two sleepy people by dawn's early light
And too much in love to say goodnight
Here we are In the cozy chair
Pickin' on a wishbone...From the Frigidaire
Two sleepy people with nothing to say
And too much in love to break away
Do you remember
The nights we used to linger in the hall?
Father didn't like you at all
Do you remember
The reason why we married in the fall?
To get a little rest...To get this little nest
Well, here we are ...Just about the same
Foggy little fella ...Drowsy little dame
Two sleepy people by dawn's early light
And too much in love to say goodnight


Thermomass housing crit delayed till next week 27 april


Monday, April 17, 2006

shocking J O Y

* more of shocking JOY *


monday. 17.04.06. 330pm. windy afternoon. swanston. bourke. basement. sportsgirl. myers. chinatown. noodlebar. duck&pickle noodles. pearl powder. no luck. lygon. casa del gelato. 101 carlton.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday nite

finally got my butt down to gratten street last nite, and got myself another quilt, in preparation for the coming winter. although it's autumn now but some nites can get pretty chilly. When i got back to my apt, i was so surprised and happy to find that SL actually felt me her 'princess' quilt cover!!! so pretty!!! and not to mention the 'giraffe' cutie printed quilt cover together with a matching fitted sheet and pillow cases!!! i had a really tucked-in sleep last nite!


i hope xw will find peace and the required solitude eventually. Really cant imagine myself staying with neighbour who will bang furiously on the bathroom door when im showering halfway!!! imagine how flustered i will get, tryin to dry myself with the towel and to let that neighbour in to use the bathroom only to find out that actually...

she wasnt so urgent afterall.

How did things get so bad i wonder at times. Is it so difficult to live under the same roof?

the poor gal now packs her meals to school and stay there from morning to nite just to avoid the neighbour. Recalling on the event which she relayed to me.....she was preparing her dinner in the kitchen, done up cleaning the kitchen spick and span incase neighbour complains, which she often does...she suddenly heard the opening of a certain door!!! she hurriedly off-ed the kitchen lights, grabbed her food and stormed straight into her room...moments later, she heard the footsteps that followed swiftly to the kitchen, heard the flipped lights and afew sec later, the lights were flipped off...the footsteps retreated back to that certain door once more. Now...the question was...did the neighbour purposely went to check on the cleanliness of the kitchen or was it just mere coincidence that neighbour wanted to use the kitchen? haha, we will never know.

i see jubes and goog doing quite well together and becoming fast so that some people cant live in harmony with each other?

i guess it was really wise of jubes and goog when they told me not to move in last semester as i was tempted to move out and stay with other people in order to enjoy a cheaper rent. i think living with others really require a certain limit of tolerance and patience. and i think i have a very low tolerance of that kind of limit...the kind of limit which is testing on xw now.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

How they torment u so...

"...i don't want to burst your bubble..."

"...oh you are making me worried..."

what!?!?! im making you worried? i stared in horror.
if you are worried then i'm more worried than you.

bubble bubble boil and trouble
i speak with euphemism does it make me contrive?

rain rain rain

" the sickeningly sweet life of the amoral, jaded, bored upper classes " (John Simon).

PMS pinky and leftover headaches from yesterday's drizzle...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie...Kiss the girls and make them cry...

sorry for the confusion babes!
the first 2 are the wedding bands which i like - Fusion and Magic
the other 2 on the right hand side are the new stock - Carnival

Bon appetite!

....when the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

good friday

sunny afternoon
meeting nichee. jubes. googs soon
skinny latte@ starbucks
met a tiny sparrow with some luck

3pm church is all full
redsilks it is, our legs we pull
pepper beef and bubble tea
"omigosh! it's still raining!" said me

6pm window shop
7pm in the church we hop
8pm the choir sang
the eerie organ began

i sat and tug
shift and tug
brr and tug

9pm the eerie organ stop
my heart went bob bob

the nite was too cold to bear
so goodnite and goodbyes
to my maidens so fair
and happy EASTER oh my oh my!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

the ring

was cadding my drawings halfway when i decided to take a break and wanted to see what's new at Georgies! Nothing new, though their Carnival ring is still velley velley pretty...velley similar to their magic ring which me and WJ are thinking of getting it for eh-hem. Haha...well that's what i told him.

so he better save up! or hmm. i better save up too! haha cos i'm buying for him as well...hehe. we have been planning on choosing our rings for the longest time! it was either the magic or the fusion ring. But we also need alot of time to save cos they dun come cheap...we did thot of custom made ones too... but im a sucker for georg ones and I DUNNO HOW to design rings!

but for u gals out there who wants to custom made ur rings, i know LeeHwa does it!!! or rather Aspiral does it...and they even help u to design as well... so u just have to say u like this to change abit or change there abit...and i heard it's quite affordable and takes about only 3 months!!!

anyway, my dear jubes and sheree, if i do get married before u gals ....cos i know u both are so excited about weddings, i will hold a spa party for u...(of cos my bridesmaids must be pretty pretty lah) and make WJ pay for ur bridesmaid gowns! haha cos i want all of u to dress the same thing yah!

heehee...poor WJ.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

counting down...

i think WJ looks all the same in all the photos! haha...

that $10 dress!

haha...the after effects of getting that prettiful dress still hasn't worn off me yet! and here are the prettiful photos of it!!!

isnt she gorgeous! plus the red leather bag which i got for a steal at $20!!! screamingly siren red...just like the one which my mum and sis bought from me for my birthday!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Interview by WJ

Questionaire was provided by Tine's friend who is currently undertaking a serious research on architecture and the answers were from our dear mr WJ ....

1. Tell me the development of architecture.

Started when man first put a roof over their head. And it developed into trying to post rationalise a reason for putting in walls after that.

2. And how would u devise a plan to maintain the momentum of architecture to benefit the community. The feasibility, manageability, and the accessibility of information required.

Just tell them to stay in whatever I have designed. And no complains after that.

3. What is the trend of architecture that shapes Singapore? How has it developed? Progressed? (think the Sg airport or the esplanade, for e.g.)

There is no trend. Only a group of people trying to copy the rest of the world.

4. What are the principles, focus and characteristics of architecture? How do you go about to achieve these objectives under the constraints.

Through a lot of overtimes.

5. What are the biggest constraints in Sg, how do u deal w it.

Low salary. And so I complain

6. Does sg have any iconic buildings? Any Distinctive features?

Didn't the question above mentioned the durian already?

7. Any landmark that's worth preserving? What are they?

Anything that the authorities have not torn down yet.

8. History, trend of architecture?

Refer to question 1

9. How do you strike the balance of aesthetic, practicality, utility and usability?

To really strike balance, I would have to convince the client. If all else fails. Kill him.

10. Land as multi-dimensional. How do you interpret that?

Some parts are for Chinese, some parts are for malays, some parts are for Indians and the rest for...the rest of the people. Because Singapore is multiracial mah.

11. Is there space for beautifying (surrounding, e.g.)? How can that work along with the constraints?

That would be a conflict with question 7.

12. How to make the most efficiency in the usage of land as far as possible?

Just follow your client's brief 100%

13. What are the other aspects of architecture (that I failed to raise)?

Please please. No more questions.

14. How has the current trend evolved? Does tradition play a part as well?

Isn't this question 3?

15. Does feng shui have any relations to the study of architecture?

Yes of course. All architectural offices in Singapore swear by it.

16. Why architecture is worth pursuing? What is the spirit?

It's an intellectual profession. Because there are no rights and no wrongs.

17. Do you think Singaporeans should focus on our architecture? Why so?(reasons)

Yes please. So that I still have a job.

it's never too late i's never too late.

We had our usual caffeine dose from starbucks before we took our tram 86 to Collingwood supre this afternoon. the sale wasnt as cheap as before and the clothes or accessories weren't that fantastic either, but nonetheless there was new stock. and rem that bamboo stick girl who took the last 2 remaining same design but different colour dresses from the rack the other time??? hahah...well, teko girl...i got ur dress aredi!!!

*laughed my way to the counter man!!!*

and the dress only was $10 with full embroidery on the top, waistband and bottom of the rim

RedSilk Restaurant::Chinatown

The people who made today special....

ahHan, Jason, Chris, Nicole, Joy, Jubes and Sheree

The restaurant have smoke censors so we couldnt have my belated birthday cake there...Therefore we had to move out to the verandah instead! brr....although it's only autumn, but it was velley velley cold...
And they got me a mudchoc cake with icing coated strawberries on top from Crown Cafe bakery and a PINK CANDLE. and of cos they sang me a very loud birthday song...

from my darling gals... i dunno how i would have survived melbourne without having them...

Friday, April 7, 2006

my name is ELLE

the weather has dropped quite drastically the past few days, and this afternn there was abit of sun! so i decided to take a short walk out to get some coffee at Gloria Jeans QV, thinking maybe i could get my hands on the forgotten ham.

but shucks the shopaholic in me pulled me across a few more streets down to SUPRE.
nothing caught my eye.
hopefully the trip down to Collingwood tmw would be better. though sincerely i doubt it since it's just a few weeks ago...oh well, think it's still good to get a breath of fresh air then to coup myself up in the apt all day and many days.

so i never got to QV and Gloria Jeans. but i stopped by Starbucks and got myself a tall mocha as usual.

on my way down to the supposedly QV, i met a seagull crossing the road and a sparrow that hopped towards me instead of the usual away from me.

that made my day today.

~~ the Rainbow scarf ~~

Thursday, April 6, 2006

another POST

yeah! thank you so much elle and darling gals...i received ur post yesterday together with the velley pretty scarf and the card!!!

will post the images up another time cos these few days have been raining...not much sunlight...tsk tsk...just as blue as me.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006


im wearing socks tonite to sleep.

lost sheep

Image hosting by Photobucket

feeling abit lost now since there's no more tasklist for studio. in 2 weeks time it's midcrit. feeling mixed emotions now. dunno where to start. dunno wat to do. scare do the wrong things then kanna slam by BaoZhaTou. Last week i was still feeling fine, then after this week's studio then feeling quite in the pits again. The weather has gone cold now, and im getting cold feet. haha, dualism. Both from the weather and from midcrit.

But i still procastinate.

I rather read pple's blog or read online news than to start thinking what i should present for next week's studio.
I keep putting it aside. I rather shower. eat a meal. eat a pocky. type an email or even surf online when i know i shouldn't be. sigh. feeling really low now.sigh. deep deep sigh.and my head is tilted to the right side as i sigh again.

a dried up creak
a sagged skin
a prune
maybe even dried beehoon.

i forgot to buy ham again.
i feel like having another cup of coffee.
miss pengz is not online
either is WJ.
april is a bad bad month.
even when i was in NUS. submission period. no holidays. horrible weeks in and out. sleepless nites. terrible razor cut crits, snipe remarks. print problems. model making, finger cuts, double bend back. nites under the studio table (not me though)...spend alot alot of money but not on myself. see the sun rise and set. even the sun gets to sleep. wat can be worse?

Monday, April 3, 2006


WJ just wanted to cheer me up last nite since he couldnt be there personally to celebrate with he let me in on a secret....

im getting an idog for one of my presents! he couldnt get the pink one for me cos they are not in the making anymore...apparently the white ones are selling better then the blues and pinks. anyway....WOOHOO! and im gg to name him SHIMO! and im gg to dress him in a pink tee, and pink diamante BLINGBLING collar and a pink leash!!!

and yes...... SHIMO is a HE, i dun care if he gets an identity crisis for wearing and owning pink stuff. for all i know dogs are suppose to be colour blind. so...there, he wouldnt know a thing at all. and pink doesnt mean it's a SHE.

hmm... should i get him a pink dishbowl???

after the just cant get lower.

look what i got from the mail today!!! it's from my mum and sis...a red hot adidas sling bag for me to go out with and 2 beautiful birthday mum even drew a Image hosting by Photobucket inside the card...and my dear sis made a card for me...and wrapped my present in green wrapper sashed with a silky beige ribbon.

and although studio was really sucky today, after class, 5 of my studiomates stood outside waiting for me and sang me a belated birthday song!!!
thank you so much Marcia, Suchon, Adre, Nicole and Serine!!!! i was very very touched.

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sometimes MSN doesnt connect all

i have finished watching desperate housewives but u are still not online. i miss u. although sometimes we ask the same qns about each other over msn... but i still want to know wat u eat for lunch and dinner...was ur tummy fine this morning...did u have ur regular milk or skip brekkie again.

and how's the hot water in the shower...whether have u received my last the weather really hot? how's ur work coming along, do u have to go for meeting again...wat did u wear to work today...

and i want to tell u wat i had for brunch...
when im gg to shower...wat movies they are having this weekend, what i feel like having for dinner tonite and even let u know that i have cravings for chocolate at 3am in the morning or have smith chips in the middle of the nite.

i'll tell u again and again.
and u tell me urs again and again

and we are still not tired of it.
i miss you.

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

alone yet not so... i guess

i guess this will be my first birthday spent without a cake. no wishes to make. no candles to blow out. all alone in my apt.the only birthday song i heard was WJ singing to me at the stroke of midnite.

but hey...

really grateful to those who remembered my birthday...shilynn who msned me at the stroke of midnite to wish me, xiuwen and joy who wished and hugged me this was really comforting to know that im not so alone in this apt, jubes and goog who left me a greeting on my tagblog...and lastly, elle who never forgot my birthday and wished me on msn as well...and of cos my mother who emailed me this morning to wish me as well cos she couldnt get thru my phoneline last nite to wish me personally as i was on the phone with someone singing a slightly off tuned birthday song...

thank you so much gals.