Friday, August 5, 2011

Hongkong Day 01

>>> And we are off to HK for a quick getaway before you can say....HONGKONG!

Ritey, quickly we caught a cab downtown to our hotel, check in and put down our luggage and immediately head the streets for dinner!

happy me and my fish paste noodles.

Menu and price tag! My parents had the Beef Brisket noodles while i had their fish paste noodles with beef balls complete with set that comes with oyster sauce kailan and a glass of ice lemon tea! SHIOK!

After some noodles, it's time for mango drinks!

Yes! Buy 2 for a value price...and so i bought 2, one for me and wj to share, the other for my parents to bird nest inside ok!

daddy and wj needs more than mango puree and bird nest to keep their tum tums happy....
it's street food that they need!!!

yup, before H&M closed, i managed to get some buys from there!!! hehehe....

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