Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hongkong Day 02

Tim Ho Wan (Dim Sum) with a One Michelin Star!
Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok

Yes we are back here again...everytime when we visit HK, we are sure to be here to eat their cheap and good dim sum no matter how long the Q or the wait. Just joining in the Q is already an experience itself!

Can you find me??? Im actually to the right of the "P" parking a turquoise top and khaki shorts. YEP, that's me....accordingly to the ladyboss, im holding lucky ticket number 10!

mum and dad posing in front of the famous shop

finally after 45mins of waiting we are in! and ahren is posing with their famous Char Siew Bao...which is flaky, hot and not oily at all! Because it's freshly baked from the oven.

here's how the insides look...juicy sweet barbequed pork, laden with all it's goodness!

see how happy my mum is from just eating her char siew bao??? You got to try them cos no one makes char siew bao like Tim Ho Wan.

below are more dim sum photos which we ordered....

beef balls are a must try dim sum in HK, cos they don't make the same taste back home!!!
Think it has some tangy taste to it, like dried tangerine peels or something....

siew mai.

oh oh...gotta try their Gui Hua Dessert...very refreshing!

some hot desserts...ok, not sweet at i like it.

crispy spring rolls...

MUACK! to all my blog reading fans!!!!

mum's window shopping along as we hurried on to our next destination.

YES! and i have bought my 2nd pair of shoe...

WJ goes to queue some GongCha for me!...hehehe and taduh! here I am in sunny HK with my new black platforms and rabbit necklace from H&M and my cooling Gongcha!

澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Co

47 Parkes Street, Kowloon

After buying 2 pairs of shoes and some clothes along Fa Yuen Street....Next stop is milk pudding and scrambled egg sandwich!

see how fluffy and yellow their scrambled eggs are!!!! Anyway, if you ain't interest, beside is the famous wanton noodles - Mak Mun Kee.

and i have gone back to the hotel to put down my shopping bags and change into my new outfit! - My third pair of new shoes, dress and belt!!! hehehe....

And we are at a shopping mall Kwai Fung which I frequent and having my spicy fishballs. Slurps.

and some candied goodies which we bought for my dad...he loves these...

back to Mongkok street again...back to hotel to drop our shopping bags, rest and to get ready for dinner...which we will be taking the train down to Granville circuit = MORE SHOPPING!!!!

yes and we are eating roasted parents' favourite. MUST eat everytime they come back to HK....super unhealthy but they keep saying " how often we come to HK????"

and i must have my Xu Lui Shan Mango with bird nest drink every night!

yep! that's my buys of today!

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