Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hongkong Day 03

Good Morning everybody!!!
today we are travelling overseas to Macau...and what a better way to start the day is to have a hearty breakfast and get ourselves ready for loads of walking, shopping, sightseeing and a night of cirque du soleil to enjoy!!!!

we have booked our tickets earlier online before we left the trip, can't wait to watch them perform all their acrobatic acts which has been so highly acclaimed plus their stage works.

Breakfast was somewhere near our hotel, had the very typical HK breakfast - instant noodles and egg with sausage sandwich and a cup of HK milk tea in the "cow" cup! heehee....

After breakfast, it's time to head to the harbour to catch our cruise to Macau. And this cruise "Cotai Jet" goes directly to Venetian macau with free shuttle service.
CLICK HERE for the direct website where we booked our cirque du soleil tickets but it's seasonal...changes all the time for Macau Venetian shows.

on the shuttle bus and we saw hard rock hotel nearby....

And we have reached the grand lobby of the Venetian..WOW...quite grand the ceiling was!

dad took a photo of us here...but not much of the background can be seen.

Salesgirl at the back " No photo taking please!!!"
Mum goes big eyed " OH . OH..."

ahren at Venetian....and our tickets to Cirque du Soleil, the play is called ZAIA.
After abit of walking, our stomachs were growling, so we went in search of food...we ended up at the foodcourt...and the food isn't great.

here's WJ pork rib soup and rice while i had the beef brisket noodles...which wasn't good either. I WANNA GO BACK TO HK to eat!!!!

more phototaking here cos i simply find the shops at Venetian is ACTUALLY VERY BORING!

mum and dad found some stilt walkers to pose and take photos with....

while i waited at McDonalds with my ipad and games...

YEAH! finally it's time to go into the theatre for the show!

as you can see we are all very excited, even ahren too!! with his new casino chip on his lap.

we truly enjoyed the show!!!

Nights everyone!!!

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