Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hongkong Day 04

and i'm here in my third day in Hongkong having dim sum with my parents!

Daddy is very happy when all his food has arrived to the table....

Mum goes..."aiyah...Singapore also have very good bao....sup sup sway here lah...."
Dad goes with raised eyebrows..."huh....you think so..."

weijie goes..." sigh...MILS...just eat can already...but i better keep my mouth shut."

time for a shot for my parents!

and a shot of me and wj in my spanking new colourful rainbow top!!!! Plus new hairband too!

after loads of dim sum, it's time to walk off all the calories and we are off shopping for home living stuff! Okay peeps, you got to scroll all the way down to see the buys for today..cos when i shop, there's hardly time to take photo at the same time.

Love dropping by the outlet mall near disneyland cos there's always a good buy/steal somewhere! This time i bought a kate spade sling bag at a fraction of its original price!

After approx 2 hours of shopping at the outlet mall, it's time for some serious stomach filling noodles...and my fave place is Mak Mun Kee 麥文記麵家 quite famous in Hong Kong’s Jordan area for its wonton noodles. It’s located at Parkes Street, just next to Australian Diary Co where it's famous for their breakfast set where their scrambled eggs are soo fluffy, buttery and YELLOW!!!!

Mak Mun Kee Noodle House – Address: 51, Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong.

WJ had the dried noodles while i tried their shrimp powder noodles which wasn't to my palette. So to those out there reading, please just eat their soup wanton noodles. Playing safe is a good choice.

such a small bowl of noodles...mum was pretty pleased....watching her weight but daddy was like "huh...where got full like that!!!" But it just means that we have more space in our tum tum to eat the street side food!!!

eat how old fashion it gets???? Retro wall tiles and wooden benches.
After eating my fave wanton noodles, we went down to La Foret and Island Beverly where i left my parents for some shopping on their own....and i quickly headed over to Xu Lui Shan for desserts!!!

WJ isn't too pleased here that i had left my parents just to eat my bowl of mango chunks with mango puree on top of pulut hitam...gosh someone should really start selling these in Singapore!

Time flies and after a few hours of shopping, we went back to Mongkok for some night street food fare!!! and here is our bowl of beef innards!!! hahahahah.....

see WJ's disgusted face! But i lurve it!!! so delicious!!!! YUMS!!!!
it's not stinky or fishy or anything...it's just stewed too perfection...soft and moist and taste just right!

here are the buys for today!!!!

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