Saturday, May 30, 2015

Medan Day 1 - Getting there

Our ex-colleague was getting married in Medan and so we flew to attend her big day. I managed to book 2 pairs of return tickets from Jetstar Asia. This is the first time we are travelling without any checked in baggage and i think i will never try again!

I wanted to even not bring my heels to lighten my 7kg hand luggage. With really minimal clothings, it was 7kgs already!!! I attended the wedding, slightly underdressed without any accessories. But I brought my heels on flight and wore my earrings. Couldn't beat the indo aunties who were all out to dress their best.

anyway the bride is not me.
I'm just happy that I'm there to witness this happy occasion!

Once we touched down, we bought train tickets that stopped at Medan city and the lady at the counter told us that we could walk to our hotel from the train station. While waiting for our boarding time, we ate at A&W because hubs wanted to try their fried chicken. And we had the root beer.

5pm was the boarding time and it took about 50mins to the city.
Scenery along the way

Once we reached Medan City station. OMG! the traffic is horrendous. Think Ho Chi Minh but with cars instead. Even though our hotel was 2 streets down, we really didn't dare to cross the 4 lane traffic with our luggage. So we took the becak. I thought it was really funny!

We saw a bridge and wanted to use it to cross the road initially but looking closer, the bridge was up but there was no stairs to go up!!!! Serious?

Finally we checked into the hotel in one piece. safe and sound.

Traffic in Medan, view from our hotel window.
Can you see the white mega big screen from our window? That's where the train station was. And we had to cross the 4 lane road, walk through Medeka Square and cross another 4 lane before we reach the hotel.

Good nights!

signing off

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