Sunday, May 31, 2015

Medan Day 2 - Breakfast and Lunch all in one

Breakfast at the Grand Aston was a feast and the variety is great from cold cheese, cereals down to local lontong and nonya kueh!

Local Cuisines
 I think the black squid was delicious!!! even hubs think so too.

Istana koki is an Indonesian heritage restaurant located in Medan, rebuilt from govermental buliding into modern wide space of ballroom, huge dining hall, meeting rooms and VIP rooms, which names are also taken from Indonesian language. They provide cuisines from all over the regions, recommending their best Nusantara dishes. Istana means "Castle/Mansion" and Koki means "Chef/Cook", so Istana Koki means "Chef Kingdom". 
The logo shape is adapted from late Deli Serdang Empire's royal crest of the Sumatran people, making a few alterations to make it look more like a crown sitting on dining plate.

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