Sunday, May 31, 2015

Medan Day 2 - City Tour

After Lunch, first stop is Annai Velangkanni.
It's a Catholic church built with the style of Tamil Hindu Architecture by an Indian Priest. It's free admission but you have to wear pants or long skirt.

The premises contains 2 main stories and a small tower of seven stories. It's quite hidden within the private houses. Have to use GPS. Road signs are not very useful here.

Next we went to Maimoon Palace.
Admission $5000 Rp.
A well known landmark in Medan, built by the King of Deli in 1888. The palace covers a large area with 30 rooms. But you can only visit a few. The rest are out of bounds. It has become a tourist destination not soley because of age but because of its unique interior design, mixing Malayan cultural heritage, Islam, Spanish, Indian and italian style.

The last stop was Mesjid Raya Mosque.
We didn't stop here but drove by as it was getting late for tea break!

lazy lah.


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