Sunday, May 31, 2015

Medan Day 2 - Tip Top and Avocado Drink

Dropped by Tip Top bakery to buy some cakes because the bride highly recommended their cakes to us. It's still baked traditionally using wood oven so the taste is something which you cannot get from normal ovens.

heard that their western food is quite good and popular with the locals too.

setting is very nostalgic and i guess people come here for the ambience as it's within city center.

Not sure whether have you heard of the cafe at Kapindo Elektric? The parents opened a car workshop while the children set up a cafe at the workshop and their coffee cafe has grown into a popular hangout spot for the young!

it's like a secret hideout for the locals.
The coffee brew here is quite good with a good variety of flavours. The avocado espresso is their specialty.

 Above: our avocado drink with a shot of espresso.

Tip Top Cakes

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