Monday, June 15, 2009


poor fella! I hug him to sleep every night and this is the first time that he has landed himself in the dustbin!!! And to prove that he was there, Mr Goh quietly snapped this picture of him before returning him back to me and waking me up at the same time before going to work.

Now ahren is going to blackmail me with this photo of his for a tuxedo! Gosh! does he know how much it will cost!!! That stupid bear.

Talking about our soft pets. Just the other day, I was chatting with my friend about the origins of ahren. And of cos ahren was very upset when he found out that he was "Made In China". Yah which stuff toy nowadays is not made in china? Although he did feel like a true blue singaporean bear. Anyway, my friend affirms with me that her pet KK was also from China and KK even knows which province she is from!!!! Apparently KK was fro Shandong because of her heavy weight size!!!! hahahahha!!! That's so incredible!

now i wonder which part of china ahren is from??? hmmm...

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