Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Searching for a new home

Last saturday was a very drive-y day. We drove everywhere except town, anywhere that doesn't have an ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) over the roads.
WJ always wanted to bring me to Rail Mall. *huh* where is that Mall?!
When I got there...i saw only a row of shops. Not the aircon box with shops on all sides of the walls. No lifts, No toilets, no escalators. All smacked side by side like little terrace houses.

I was hoping for a good variety of foodstores at a foodcourt *think singaporean* but there was only CoffeeBean ...a beer cum burgers cafe...not my type of a weekend lunch, coffee maybe, then there was Denise wineshop. Did i mention that it was 12noon?Tsk tsk...No wine on an empty stomach. We walked the whole stretch and the last 2 stores were Cold storage and 7-11. Hmm...shall i buy instant noodles back and cook? Gosh i was starving!

Finally we decided either the AhMei cafe which sells indian food (Was the owner chinese or Indian? I'm so confused now, ain't indians suppose to have names like Mustafah or Rajah?? AhMei is indian?) or the Eat cafe which sells noodles. Think WJ was quite interested in eating nasi briyani but it's so unhealthy. So i didnt feel like having curry. SO this is the time where i use my authority as gf position to push for noodles *yeah yeah*

After the noodles, i shan't say much as there's nothing much to talk about. We drove to HollandV as i was thinking of visiting Lim's arts and craft. Used to like walking at that place. And i get all my bedroom slippers from there too! very comfy and cheap! $5 only.
Woah...it's been a long time since i last visited that place. So many nail bars across the 3 floors, seems like they have sprouted overnite like mushrooms! So everyone is doing their manis and pedis nowadays. Must be good and competitive business. Anyway as i was walking back to the car, we chanced upon a flyer and there was this little hdb that was having a open house! And so we went. It was along Stirling road, quite near to my parents' place and so we drove there.

What a quiet sleepy town. WJ said that it was like sleepyhollow. It was quite a contrast to next door neighbour Dawson's place which was new, vibrant and everything shiny! This town was just the opposite. Finally we got to the place. It was love at first sight for WJ. i thot it was quite a good spot. Although i was hesitant on the security, the direct facing MRT track, west facing sun coming into the living room. And of cos the cash over valuation was $30k. We stayed for a while. checking out the place and the neighbourhood. Finally we drove back home and told our parents about it.
"hey your sis's boss stays at stirling.."
"oh this owner owns a few eateries, has a koi pond and 3 dogs..."
"my boss has 3 dogs and a koi pond and they own eateries..."
Everyone stared at each other. bewildered.
Suddenly, everyone became very excited. So coincidental!

The next day, WJ brought his parents over. This time the agent quoted him $5k lesser. But still we are talking about a near $600k here. It's not buying pancakes. I couldn't sleep that night. WJ keeps telling me that he wants to put the $1k deposit, i keep telling him that we should talk to my sis boss first. Come monday afternoon, after my sis sounded her boss that we were coming to have a chat with her that day, someone paid the $1k deposit. And tuesday came, the agent said that the hdb was sold.


if it's yours, it's yours.

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