Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding - #1 The Proposal

How did HE do it?
I have finally decided to blog about my wedding preparations. Actually I thought of keeping everything mum. But now i have decided to spill the beans. Let everything out. So that others can learn from my mistakes and of cos hopefully those not-yet-married ones can benefit from what I've encountered.
Everything has its this is how it went.The story began soon after Mr Goh proposed on Valentine's day. ok. Now everyone will ask: where! where! He proposed in a very hush-hush manner, in a room, no XX at the Ritz Carlton hotel.
Next everyone will ask: how! how!
Well, it was our time to exchange presents like we usually do on Vday. So he took out a Tiffany bag. Nothing suspicious cos he knows that I really like their stuff. And I took out my little gift too. and voila! a Turqoise looking bag. Yah...same brand again.

And I gave him a rose too! heeheee...yup he was quite shocked. usually gals get all the flowers rite? *smirk* anyway he opened his first and it was a ring. Yup it's the Coin-edge ring in Titanum. It is a Black thick and solid band, cost me hmm...i think it was $600 SGD. The first ring I ever bought for anyone. Next it's my turn. I opened my little box and there was a locket for my charm bracelet. And on top of the locket, it wrote..."Marry Me". At that point of time, my heart stopped. Literally. I think i didnt even have the time to think "er..." And he was THERE! beside me, bended on one knee with a tiffany black box, opened. There lying inside that velvety box. LAID THE RING.
okay, next few events going to sound really terrible.

scene 1:I grabbed the ring from the box and stared at it really hard!!!! and OMG! it was so pretty!!! and HUGE of cos. hee hee...almost grinning from east coast to west coast now.

scene 2: Then someone went " haven't answered my question yet."
oh dear, mr goh was still on bended knee beside me while i was oohing and aahing at the ring. hmm the stone probably. anyway time flew very fast then. You only get this kind of moment like a few seconds or so.REALLY.

scene 3: i went"ohh!! sorry sorry!!!" and i put the ring back to the box. Composed myself and smiled my most radiant smile ever and my face turned to him, looking ever lovingly to his eyes, although my heart yearns for the ring. [i interpret: I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!]
"Can you repeat your question again?" I cooed.
" Will you marry me?" he repeated again.

scene4: he puts the ring on my 4th finger and the ring rolled to the sides cos it was too big! muahahahaha. After that, I could only see the ring and not the proposer. And i held it up above my head and kept smiling and smiling to myself.

Description from Tiffanys: An Engine-turned engraving creates a masculine motif. [i interpret: for men ONLY] Ring in sterling silver and titanium, midnight.

For more related info:

The Ring: A Round Brillance solitaire with 6 prongs, set in a Tiffany setting.

The ring that Mr Goh proposed to me was the Tiffany Setting.

First created in 1886, these prong settings quickly became the signature design of Tiffany &Co. , the noted jewelry design company that focuses on the stunning clarity and precision of beautiful gems rather than overwhelming the eye with elaborate styles and settings.

The Tiffany mount is simple: four or six prongs securely hold the diamond around its girdle(the thickest portion of the stone), elevating it above a plain metal band. The prongs are spaced equally around the circumference of the stone, mimicking the symmetry of the diamond’s cut.

Today, Tiffany-style settings are the most popular option for brides-to-be, particularly for solitaire rings.Tiffany settings are the best option to highlight a stunning diamond, which is why the famed designer first created the open setting. Because Tiffany & Co. uses only the most perfect gems in their designs, simple, open settings are useful to highlight the startling beauty of those gems. The openness of the setting can also create the illusion of a larger carat size, giving couples the option of choosing a higher quality though smaller stone without losing the appeal of an immaculate ring.

For more info on the Tiffany Setting:

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