Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding - #2 Tag them!

Ever wondered where it all starts?
Yah...Marriage is truly a mind boggling experience for me! Because firstly I have never done it. Secondly, I only get to do it once, and i want it to be right and beautiful. I want all my guests to remember that ours was the most memorable, the prettiest, the food was great, the venue was perfect, the service was impeccable, everything perfect, down to the nitty gritty details. I think every bride deserves that because she only gets married once [hopefully every after that is].

The married ones told me. "OMG, it was so tiring, every weekend just flew pass. And all for just a day. The money we spend just for that single day!!!" But, you could tell it in their eyes that it was a day to remember, a day that they will never forget their entire lives. Because it was that day that changed everything.

So after Mr Goh proposed, immediately the next day i went to arm myself with wedding magazines from Borders!!! And OMG, wedding magazines are like double the price of a normal one! Well, understandably after reading the covers, these magazines are like quarterly issues and most of them are doubly thick with loads of information for us newbies to read.

here's a collection of all my wedding magazines to date. Not many cos it only gets me more confused as to what i eventually want! Yes yes, i even bought the 8 days issue with Michelle chia and Sean on the front cover to spy on what they were planning for their wedding! And i learnt so much from their wedding preparations too!If i get the time, i might scan the pages and show what they have been up to and all the traditions that they are following. Cos it happened to the both of us too, clueless as to what traditions to follow. It was all very mind-boggling.

Tag them!!! Look at the number of tags i have on all my magazines!! Yes you can say that I'm very "yaogui"!!! I wanted a bit of this, a bit of that, EVERYTHING!

Finally, flipping through all the magazines were really tiring just to look for that item which i tagged before so i decided to start my own scrapbook which only has the most important item which i have finally decided on and paste it in. This is very effective too, because this little book shows my photographer, my gown designer and even my wedding coordinator [flowers, decor, wedding favours, hand bouquet etc etc] what i really want immediately rather than bringing all my magazines down and flipping it infront of them. The down side is, it just takes a bit more effort to tear that page out, stick it down to the book. All-in-all, the magazines are very useful for a newbie, it lists down a checklist of the THINGS-TO-DO [from a year down to last few weeks], wedding venues, bridal studios and photography studios with all their addresses, although no maps! etc etc. Plus i really enjoyed reading all the scoops and highlights of other people's wedding too. Then I can also apply for mine as well!

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