Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding - #3 The Wedding Band

Yes. Finally after searching for months. (From Tiffanys to Cartier to Piaget to custom-made Fairy's Inc) Mr goh and myself have settled for our wedding bands. After careful consideration and many months of deliberations, we have bought it or them to be exact.
Introducing...our....Bulgari's B zero1 white gold 1 band ring with pave diamonds (totaling to a small amount of 0.5ct)....well i'm wearing the B zero 1 with pave diamonds and not mr goh. *smirk*
His is a plain B zero1 white gold 1-band ring, not that he is complaining. Actually he's quite or shall i say very much in love with his new found ring.

Bulgari does engravings for free on purchase of your rings within 60 days. However only the Bzero without diamonds can be engraved as the Bzero with pave diamonds have "holes" on the inner sides, therefore zeros any chances of engravings.
Sizes can be exchange within 3 days if you feel uncomfortable as your finger size actually do vary throughout the day. Most people experience water retention in the mornings, hence the finger is slightly larger and smaller in the evenings.
And of cos, all rings comes with their certificates.

When we were browsing around, we came across this "pave" description to some rings. Not wanting to act like a 'suaku' and continue to pretend that I do know what they are raving about....I decided to do some googling on this pave word.

A pave (pronounced pah-vay) setting is one where the ring’s band is literally paved with diamonds.Small stones encrusted along the ring’s surface give the illusion of a solid diamond surface rather than a metal band. Unlike channel or bezel settings, a pave setting uses only tiny beads or minute prongs to hold each stone, minimizing the appearance of the metal while maximizing the illusion of free-standing diamonds. Most pave settings are constructed from white gold or platuinum in order to further minimize the metal, though yellow gold can add a measure of traditional elegance.


As with any diamond engagement ring, it is not recommended to wear the ring during heavy physical activity or while using harsh chemicals or cleaners. Pave settings naturally have more crevices and nooks than smooth settings, and will therefore require more frequent cleanings. Soaking can help dissolve dirt and dust deep within the setting, but never use a harsh brush to scrub the ring; it could inadvertently scratch the metal or loosen the gems.

Pave setting engagement rings, with their glittering surface of diamonds, are an enchanting choice for couples. Though these rings require some specialized care and may be more expensive, they are yet another unique choice for couples who seek to symbolise their love in ways that a single diamond simply cannot capture.

Lastly, i think when it comes to choosing a wedding band, it's very much a personally preference which you and partner want. Some couples might want to have similar rings (like us); some couples do not mind buying different rings; some couples want to go dutch (like us again) while some leave it to their husbands-to-be to buy.

above: B zero1 white gold 1-band ring

happy shopping to all those marrying-to-be!


  1. yah but burning such a big hole in the pocket! Sigh, what to do, getting married only ONCE, so better be a good one. :P

  2. Actually both are bulgey. But the Bzero is a overall bulge. Somehow doesn't feel as awkward as the monologo. The monologo is 'thin' on top and bottom and thick in the centre. Feels abit weird. But IT LOOKS really pretty!!!Plus we couldn't decide the colours! Cos both the gold and rose gold looks very good on asian skin.

    Yup the pave Bzero is still at $5k+, the Bzero is at $1.2k+
    Hope this helps! and CONGRATS gal! :)

  3. yah! me too! took about 3months to decide which one to buy! Plus we waited for the GSS too.. so that we can have a go at some lucky draws! I mean these rings are like soo expensive and it's like going to be THE RING. sigh. I know how u feel man..

    I'm bloggin soon on Delfi Orchard ones soon! Composing all my thots...