Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 01 in Yogyakarta

Took a taxi to the airport. Check-in. Breakfast at Kiliney's since we were taking the budget airline = no food on board. Shared 2 slices of toast + eggs + kopi. Changi Airport Terminal 1 was having a promotion: Spend more than $160 entitles to a $20 voucher.

1030am: Boarding time
1130am: Take-off!!! And we reached Yogyakarta about 1250pm. And we are 1 hour behind singapore time. Paid $70,000 for a taxi from Airport to Prawirotaman.
The weirdest part of the airport was the luggage belt. It was so short!!! and it was the only luggage belt in the entire airport. Needless to say, everyone was crowding at the tiny belt, and beside it were tons of luggages which weren't being claimed yet. It was such a mess!

Finally we checked into our hotel. Got onto a becak and told him to get us to Malioboro Mall, where we ate at a Foodcourt called FoodPoint.

For lunch, wj had the Nasi Ayam BBQ, $20,909, shared a Gudeg Bu Lies $25,454 (Duck drumstick, spongey taupok covered with young jackfruit = gudeg which by the way tasted really funny!!!) while i had the Bakso Kompliet $12,272 (which consists of 5 different kinds of meatballs + a strand of complimentary human hair). OK. I squirmed a little. But thinking that this is not Singapore, i shall not complain too much. The level of hygiene here is not to be compared back home.

Next, we decided to settle our lodging. As we were having lunch earlier, wj and I both realised that we had forgotten to settle one night's stay! MUAHAHAHAH... so we went down to Excelso Cafe, which was recommended in TripAdvisor for snacks+coffee etc.

I had the ice cafe latte, while WJ had a Blossom freeze. So girly! Total bill came up to $63,250 for 2 drinks. Made a few phone calls from the local map which had quite a few hotels nearby. still no results. Apparently in the next couple of days, there's going to be a conference held, so most hotels were fully booked. Rite! let's not worry about that now, might as well go sight-seeing first.

Weather's really hot here, so i got myself a cup of Jeruk by the roadside!!! Bought some souvenirs too for my family and colleagues.

650pm Back at the hotel (Duta Gardens), got ourselves onto the internet and managed to book a room. YAY!
730pm: Walked to Jln Prawirotaman, along the way, we dropby ViaVia cafe, made a booking for a cooking class for the coming sunday. Those who are interested, please make your booking 1 day in advance as there are limited openings for the day. We opted to learn "Sayur Lodeh" and "Gulai Ayam".
8pm: After making our rounds along Prawirotaman, we decided to eat at Laba Laba Cafe.
Address: Jl Prawirotaman No.2

We ordered:
Nasi Rames (for wj)
Nasi Goreng Special
Tom Yum Soup
Diet Coke (2)

total bill: $87,000

service: We waited almost 1 hour for all the food to arrive!!! bloody slow!

Before making our way back to the hotel, we dropby Indromart and bought some snacks before we called it a night.

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