Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 03 in Yogyakarta

4am: Rise and shine!
430am: Gather at the lobby, armed with our torches provided from the hotel+coupons for morning snacks. Shucks, after climbing the borobudur, waiting for the sun to was such a cloudy morning!!! So bad that the day dawned on us, and we didn't even had a glimpse of an egg yolk rising from the horizon.

So after the disappointing sunrise, we went back to the resort for our buffet breakfast. Slept for awhile, showered and packed. Going to our next hotel for a one night's stay. The one night which we had forgotten to book for.
1050am: we checked out from Manohara Resort. Paid $300k for the sunrise package and $575k for the overnight stay. Booked a cab to Yogya $250k. The travelling here really costs alot!

1200: Check into The Cangkringan Hotel. New and nicely furbished. Although too far from city centre. (Approx 45mins drive from Borobudur and 25km away from city) We almost thought the driver was driving us to some freaky place to sell us! Our room had cable tv and really nice toilet facilities. We were also served with our welcome drinks - guava juice.

After refreshing ourselves, we went touring around the hotel vicinity. Not bad, nice landscaped areas and very good service too! They called us by our names. Tried our luck on the duo-bicycles, eeks! So scary plus the hotel compounds were really too small for us to U-turn. In the end, wj went cycling on his own, and he was quite clumsy too!! Body a bit rusty, and he hasn't been on a bicycle for a really long time. We decided to head back to our cozy room for some air-con and wait till it's time for our cooking class. hee hee...can't wait!

330pm: Left the hotel for our cooking class.
400pm: Reach Prawirotaman. We were a little early for our class, so we went to the Antique shop to browse and while our time away.
430pm: Cooking class starts and we are starving!!! hahahha... A french couple joined us for the cooking class too. They were on their honeymoon in asia. Halfway through the cooking class, the gas finished! and we waited so long for our teacher to change another tank of gas. They really work very slow here. People here simply have to tendency to rush. Even taking some spices for the satay took our teacher like 15mins???
Our order of cooking class:
  1. Chicken satay
  2. Sayur Lodeh
  3. Keropok (u can see wj frying one here in the photos)
  4. Nasi Lemak rice
  5. Tempeh in carmelised sauce (something new which i haven't eaten before)

8pm: We left ViaVia cafe and went back to our hotel. YAY! stomachs fulled and i'm so happy that i learnt how to make satay peanut sauce!!! and it was so easy! Next time when i have my own BBQ, i will be able to make my own satay sticks with my own original sauce.

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