Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding - #11 Solemnisation Dress

The little dress
Ever thought of your solemnisation dress? and have no clue what you really want?
Well i was just like that! Well not TOTALLY clueless, at least i have the length of the dress in mind!
I knew that my wedding and evening gown was something on the long(maybe even 'solemn') and probably with a little wee bit of train.(see what I mean)

So i wanted my solemnisation dress to be short!(+ fun, quirky like me+ DIFFERENT) As for colours, i wasn't sure. Being an avid fan of pink, i was wondering whether should i skip the usual ivory and white colours and opt for something different. Not that nobody haven't had a dress other than white before but WEDDING is most probably once in your lifetime, who cares who has done it before, cos it wasn't YOU. NOW it's YOUR turn and YOUR time.

Remember my last post did mention about Olive suite at Delfi's, well I think here's the place to get some quick ideas!!! well at least i've gotten some here. Plus you can try their dresses and if you think their prices are abit steep, then go to another seamstress or tailor who can do even cheaper for you. I remember the cheapest quote i got from them for a simple dress was about $350. If you want to add extras like lace, or a frill, they will charge you accordingly. Think was about $50-$100 more...waiting time for a dress was about 2-4weeks. So i thought they are pretty fast. As long as you plan your time well, then you can decide later which dress to pick!

They also sell some pretty neat accessories here which you might consider and if you are within budget. And see that quirky dress with the pink 'petals' for the bottom of the dress? I almost got that one!!! hahaha cos i wanted to have a garden theme party and IT'S pink!!! This one Jessica said was a 'limited' edition so it cost about $500. *hearts a flutter*
At that time my mind was going 'wow', do i really need to spend so much just for a dress which most probably I was going to wear it just one time at my OWN party. Don't think i will pluck up enough courage to wear it again elsewhere!!! hahahahah

preparation for a wedding can be such a chore at times but enjoy it while it lasts cos when u look back then, I'm sure it will be full of sweet memories....

now i just want to check out the shops at Felt and Lavender House for more short dresses!

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  1. Oh the pink dress looks so cute!!!! You sure you're not going to get it...? keke