Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 04 in Yogyakarta

Greetings from us in Borobudur! We woke up to an early start. Had the Cangkringan Breakfast which consists of 2 eggs (choice of scrambled, omelette, sunny side-up), hash browns, grilled tomoat, ham and sausage. OoooMPH! really good and hearty. Also includes choice of cereals, bread, juice and fruits. I feel like i was eating in melbourne again!

12oonn: We checked out from the beautiful Cangkringan hotel and they drove us back to Duta gardens complimentary! this is what i call good service!!!
1pm: We checked in back to Duta Gardens, what a contrast between the 2 hotels. Sigh, shan't complain. Took a becak again to Kota Gede "Silver Village". Bought a brooch from mother and keychain.
3pm: Late lunch@Bale Raos.
Ate the authentic dishes recommended on the website of YES Yogyakarta - personally I thought it was disappointing. Perhaps, I'm not into Javanese food. The presentation of the food was overall very well done. The flavour wasn't that pleasing as the presentation. Here's my verdict:
  1. Soup Timlo - A clasica Javanese soupe which is a combination of ginger, chicken, fried wanton skin, wood's ear etc. Savory, definitely worth trying
  2. Beer Java - Original drink from Kraton Yogyakarta which is made from ginger, secang wood, clove, citrus fruits etc. Taste similar to an "After Spa" herbal drink. Good quench on a hot day, and since the weather here is forever hot, it will definitely cool you down.
  3. Bebek Suwir Suwir - Special menu of Kraton Yogyakarta, made from slices of duck meat which is served with fried pineapple slices and rasped kedondong sauce. Our duck meat was so dry and tough! It wasn't tasty at all. Probably the duck wasn't fat enough.
  4. Semar Piyuk - A unique dish made of pigeon. Again disappointing!!! The pigeon was over-cooked, it was again tough and dry. Presentation was nice though. Hmm...maybe the locals here love tough meat?
  5. Urip Urip Gulung - Fillet freshwater catfish which is rolled then roasted and served wtih mangut sauce. Catfish has bones!!! BEWARE! I would say that this dish is an acquired taste. Similar to the Japanese unagi but not as tasty.
  6. Sanggar - Original menu from Kraton Yogyakarta, made from sliced beef with the spices which is roasted with coconut fiber and held by bamboo. Passable. Meat grilled too long. Tough. Taste wise was good with coconut flavour infused with the meat, slightly fragrant though if it had a strong aromatic smell would be better.
Overall price: Acceptable. moderate
Service: Excellent
Timing: Fast service.
Food: Passable
Definitely a one-time visit is enough for me to get my taste-buds on Kraton's food. I would say that it is over-rated for its food. I would rather eat MieGoreng or Bakso Mie along roadside for more local, authentic food. Yes, these dishes belong back to the Kraton.
4pm: Went back to Malioboro Mall cos WJ couldn't get enough of JCO's yoghurt!
540pm: we went back to our hotel and we were served with welcome tea and pandan cakes! How thoughtful of them!
6pm: we made our way for Prambanan to catch the Ramayanan Ballet. Bough the tickets for $50k per person. Transport $40k per person in a mini-van, shared with many other tourists. Journey there from city took approx. 45mins.
730pm: Ballet starts. It was the open air one.

that pretty much end our trip here in Borobudur, Yogyakarta.
quick cultural get-away on a tight budget.

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