Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding - #12 Solemnisation Card

INVITES (everyone wants a piece of this!)

Above: Back of my Solemnisation card (design by ME!)

if you are kiasu, then well you can start to book our friends and relatives like 3 months beforehand. VERBALLY.
Then 2 months beforehand, you can start to send your invites. Nowadays, i'm getting invites via Facebook, not that I'm complaining but it's good in the way that you help to gave GIA. U know, print less, save more trees, save the environment thingy?

BUT, yours truly here always prefers the hard copy. SO I prefer to arrange a small gathering of friends, have everyone there and hand my invites personally. PERSONAL and to make time just to see them.

Above: Front of Solemnisation card (Design by WJ) - see the pair of dovey doves on the almost botak twig/branch. A big FAT one and a petite one? No prizes for guessing who's who. ^_^

This is a good way to get your bf or husband-to-be TO BE INVOLVED. Don't leave EVERY small detail to yourself gal! gotta let the man handle some stuff too. That way you can get some workload off your shoulders. It's bad enough that we have to find our gown, find our shoes, settle the type of wedding theme, music la-duh-da-da...and what nots...

Above: Personally printed by my trusty 5 year old canon printer.

now it's just to pass the message on.

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