Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hokkaido - Day 2

after going through the customs which was a breeze! Probably because there wasn't much people at the airport. We hopped onto our coach, met our local tour guide who is called Momo. No, our tour guide is not a female but a male.  Very entertaining fella and very service orientated! Highly recommend him!!!

as soon as the coach started moving, I started snapping the white covered roads, canals, trees...everything! It was snowing everyday in Hokkaido!!!

temperatures in February is between the range of -5 to -10 degs in the day and -15 to -20 degs in the night. WEE!!!! BRRR!

yes, i'm super super tired after the long flight from SG to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Hokkaido...OMG, eyebags!!! Need my sunnies to cover my baggy eyebags!!!

 I so so want to sleep now...but it's going to be a long day....and we are going for our lunch.
 and we have reached our lunch destination - Tengu Tei and I'm very very hungry!!!

 it's snowing like crazy outside...look at all that SNOW!
and it's warm and cozy here...sigh..good to have lunch now.
this restaurant also sells local products from Furano which many girls are so interested in buying - Lavender Products! and Horse Oil...and Lavender Charcoal Pillows, Lavender eye masks, hand cream, moisturiser. The list goes on and on...

nomz nomz

hubs' before fish - this is how it looked
hubs' after fish - this is how it was devoured by a carnivore!

  after lunch, we are given badges to pin to ourselves to ascend Mount Tengu on the ropeway!
Adults: 1,100 YEN
Child: 550 YEN

there are many ways to rub the Tengu's nose for different wishes... so I think I rub his nose correctly...or so I think. I'm hoping for a girl!! heehee... I took a picture of the signboard.
For those of you who are interested, here's what it's written:

1) Success in business, safety from traffic accidents - Touch both sides of the nose lightly with both hands.
2) Success at school - Place your hands on both sides of the nose and move forcefully towards the top.
3) An encounter with your future spouse, the well-being of family members - Touch the entire nose three times with each hand in turn.
4) The smooth delivery of a baby, children, healthy growth of children - Touch the top of the nose gently.

in a few seconds, hub's bag has gathered alot of snow flakes already...better get indoors before we get all wet from the melting snow. Most parts are quite slippery, so our tour guide has recommended us to buy this strappy thing which have metal or rubber spikes and you can strap it over your shoes to prevent slipping.

 hubs the snowmen.
 now he looks like darth vader.

 after Mount Tengu, we are off to Otaru, the canal city.

 us in front of the canal which completed in 1923.
There are so many tourists here despite the cold weather and all are lining along this railing for a pretty picture shot.

Along the streets of Otaru, making our way to the Otaru Music box museum...there are many many cafes and eateries. Here's one selling seafood...look at the size of those snow crabs! YUMZ.

our tour guide also recommended this 5 colour ice cream if we are gamed enough to eat it in this weather.

 outside the music box museum, loads of people taking photos too with the steam clock. This steam clock was a gift from Vancouver to Otaru. It's powered entirely by steam, and the clock plays a chime every 15mins.

 Didn't buy any musical box here because I really couldn't make up my mind which tune to buy! So i went off onto the streets to start looking for things to eat and buy!

YUMZ! these crouton looking things were delicious! They have crab flavour, cuttlefish, scallop, shrimp...all kinds of seafood. we bought 2 packets to bring home to snack on...needless to say, many people were hanging around the tasting corner and trying for free..and kept on eating!
So those who came in later, the tasting bowl was empty and couldn't try at all. The staff were all so busy with the customers buying loads of snacks.

Bought this Rokkatei Butter Cookies to try too...monkey see, monkey do, so many people were buying them like it's free!

 Yes, I bought this Rokkatei Strawberry chocolate balls too!!!
 and some more.... this wafer looking chocolate biscuit and their new product - a caramel butter cookie thingy which costs 70YEN and hubs love love it.
after spending some of our cash on snacks, we are ready to try the famous LeTao Double Fromage cheesecake!!! We ordered the cake set which comes with your choice of drink - hot tea, hot coffee or ice drinks. Think it was like 840 YEN per set?
ooo... this chocolate cake is so sinful, very very dense. I think i prefer the cheesecake which not too sweet, soft, light and creamy. PERFECT.

after the deliciously light and creamy cheesecake and chocolate cake, we went in search for a cream puff. 
 that's me in the queue for my cream puff!!

ooo.. the poofy cream puff, the skin so thin, the custard was oozing out.  And when you buy a cream puff, coffee is free of charge! These japanese people are sooo nice!

Lining our snack shopping on the bed! Dinner was SEAFOOD BUFFET!!! with loads of charcoal grilled snow crabs! was so so good. I think i had enough of crabs that night. Cholesterol level must be hitting rocket high. And i had loads of sashimi too...faints... so much food!!!! stuff my face like I have not eaten seafood in the longest time.

 hubs getting motionless after eating his xx number plate of crab.

 our stash of crab shells...and this is our 2nd plate!!!
nifty tools for eating snow crab...scissors and the "digger cum pusher" whatever it is call, super useful! If you don't have, never mind, there's always your teeth to fall back on! because the shell is so so soft, you can just bite it!

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