Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hokkaido Day 5 - Horse Carriage Ride

here's the view of the lake outside our window...and that was where the fireworks display was held last night.

 although it's a relatively tall hotel, but they tried to make the hotel room look like it was in a little ryokan. See the ceiling, they have made it pitched so that it looked like there's a roof above us.
 that's my tissue paper cover tatami bed which i slept on last night.
Our tour guide was telling us the reason why Japanese sleep on tatami - a thin mattress on the floor, because Japan has earthquakes all year round, and so in the olden days, the people sleep on the floor so that if the earth shakes, they will be waken up easily and can escape from their homes.
scallops which we bought back to SG

after breakfast (which i didn't really like because everything was cold) , we are leaving the suburbs and into the main city - sapporo and on the way, we will be dropping by the Norther Horse Park for a horse carriage ride and shopping at the Mitsui Outlet Mall.
 pee stop - we quickly took a picture when everyone was still queuing in the restrooms.
 2 towers in front of a beautiful backdrop

really like this picture that hubs took for me!

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