Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hokkaido Day 6 - Morning Half

this morning, we are visiting the shrine, NHK tower, Todai Clock tower, Odori Park + shopping!

Our guide Momo was telling us the Japanese has many religions in their life. When they are young, at the age of 3 and 7, they will visit the shrine, once they get married, they will wed in a church (Christianity) and when they die, they rest in a temple (Buddhism).

after visiting the Shrine, the coach drove past the city and what did i see??
a Marimekko shop!!! 
i did some serious shopping here!!!

 us at the NHK tower

beautiful hokkaido trees

 here's a booth where you negate your bad fortunes.
The locals here makes an offering and gets a stick with a number on it, and to each number, there's a drawer with a fortune slip. If you like what you read, you keep the fortune slip, if you don't like it, what you do is to negate the slip by tying it to this booth here.

our tour guide and tour leader with snow falling.

ta- ta!
ok folks, I will blog the second half of my Hokkaido Day 6 in another blog where we visit the Ishiya Chocolate Museum and the rest of the day is just shopping!! So not much to write about and I didn't take many photos whilst I was shopping....

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