Friday, February 15, 2013

Hokkaido Day 7 - Morning Nijo Fish Market

 Nijo Fish Market where it's more catered for tourist, but nonetheless, i see locals here eating the donburi.
And although I didn't do any research on which store to eat, but i let my eyes do the walking!
I found this quaint little store on the insides of the market where locals, students and some tourists were eating this humongous scallop together with donburi sets, I just knew this was the place to eat something good!!!!

here's what hubs ordered: salmon sashimi with tamago

 and we ordered a scallop each

here's mine!!! triple combi of salmon sashimi, roe and sea urchin which was so smooth, buttery, fresh and melts in your mouth!!! If my stomach had more space i would have eaten another bowl just with sea urchin only.
 and there's free wifi here too while you eat, snap and upload your photos to facebook, twitter or blog.

 here's how the shop looks like on the outside.
think it's called Donburi Chaya.

click here

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