Monday, February 11, 2013

Hokkaido - Day 3

So fast time has flown past and we are already towards the mid of my holidays. This morning's buffet spread was really good. There were Japanese miso, noodles, porridge and on the spot omelette. If you aren't craving for asian breakfast, there was cereal, croissant and bread, sausages, bacon etc.

Plus all the milk here are from Hokkaido. =)
Here's a little something for you....Hokkaido has loads of cattle thus they are very well known for their dairy products like milk, cheese, cheesecake and milk candies.

my porrdige with bonito flakes and salted salmon.
mushroom cheese omelette.
ingredients to add to your miso the mushrooms and seaweed.
pickles and what nots to add to your porridge
and they even have children's fork and spoon by the side. how thoughtful!
here's a look at our messy bed before we check out. Last night was so hot...we had to turn on the humidifier to cool the room. There was no way to turn the heater down and the windows were all fixed and couldn't be opened.
First stop on the itinerary is Asahiyama Zoo where most tourists come to watch the Polar Bear and Penguin Parade.

Tokyo has loads of vending machines, and so does Hokkaido!

ok, it's really cold here, so i'm wearing my surgical mask to protect my face...

in the foreground is our tour guide - MOMO.
He's telling us what time is the penguin parade, the polar bear show and what time to gather outside.

Ritey! and off we go!

First stop was to the Polar Bear Show (starts at 1030am) because there were tons of people crowding around the walkway of the penguin parade. Momo was telling us that the penguins will have to return back to their homes after walking one round, so we just have to catch them when they are on their way back.
here's a cute little dumpling jap toddler.

and we have left the polar bear show to wait for the penguin's return.  (You should time yourself such that you are at the parade before 1130am )and sure enough, they are on their way back now.... and there was a "leader" penguin ahead of the pack.

here they come waddling!

hubs is in the background with all the penguins walking past him. These penguins are different from the ones we visited in Philip Island Melbourne. These are so much quieter than the fairy penguins which squawked alot.'s really cold today (-15 deg) and I'm having a hot mocha from the vending machine while waiting for the rest of my tour people to come back. On the way back, we saw the leopard, fox, tiger...and so sorry, I'm really too cold to bother to walk to the other parts of the zoo...
Ramen Village
after the cold cold visit to the zoo, it's time for some hot piping ramen!!!!
here's a ramen village near the zoo where the tour guide brought us and he recommended Mei Guan to us. We were all handed 2 five hundred yen coupons to purchase our lunch.

here's my special soy paste ramen with a cube of hokkaido butter in it!!! OMG. so sinful. But since I'm here, might as well try! - $750 Yen
The miso ramen in Hokkaido is really salty and the broth is very wholesome. I'm not sure whether am I a miso ramen fan because I think the pork broth ramen is more palatable to me.
Hub's miso ramen - $700 Yen
and we ordered the 5 piece gyoza to share. $350 Yen

cute spoon where it can "rest" on the side of the bowl without slipping into the soup.

me and my pink nose, gosh. we waited quite long outside as there was a crowd in the small shop.
finally I'm out and full. Next stop - Sounkyo Gorge to see the Shooting Star Falls and the Milky Way Falls.

sigh...i actually wonder why they even bring us here when it's so cold that the water has turned into ice. Before arriving here, one of our tour peeps were asking why we are going to see waterfall when it's so cold...wouldn't the waterfall become ice?

then the tour guide replied that he came here just 2 weeks ago and there were still water...but's ICE NOW and covered with snow.

3 hour ride back to our hotel....and this is what we found on our table when we went in! MOCHI looking things. Tonight's hotel is really authentic and we can choose to sleep on tatami.

 Dinner was a spread!
Definitely must take photos of all the beautiful food that was prepared for us.

 Don't my tatami bed look like a big piece of tissue paper cover with flower print tissue????
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