Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hokkaido - Day 4 Morning

the scenic and peaceful view from our room's balcony...overlooking a lake.

 breakfast today.
i've been eating way too much seafood and meat for the past 2 days, stuffing myself with crab, sashimi and ramen...it's time to eat like a rabbit.
Momo our tour guide was saying that the cherry tomatoes that looks really succulent, round, plump and attached with a green stalk must be home grown. So I'm going to try one too! And they were really sweet.
 First stop for today is the Ice Breaking Cruise! Into the sea of Okhotsu...
The cruise leaves from the Port Mombetsu and you only get to experience this between Jan to Mar.
Tickets have to be booked in advance to guarantee you a spot on the cruise.
 and we have gotten our tickets to go on aboard. AHOY!

 i think it's quite a magnificent sight seeing all these drift ice!

our tour guide momo said that once he brought a tour and they saw the seal sun basking on the ice!
it was a rare sight...which we didn't have the fortune to see either.

but we saw loads of birds...

 i thought the experience was pretty amazing and the ride was quite short, about 30mins or so...
Right, I'm going to stop here because it's quite a long day of travelling... will continue the travel in another blog post.

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