Sunday, May 9, 2010

OSIA @ Resorts World Sentosa PHOTOS

WJ and I had the 3 course meal. Mum, Dad and Sis all had the 4 course meal.
Total bill came up to $300 +.

we started off with some bread, extra virgin olive oil and butter while we waited for the chef to whip up our food. The bread was toasted and warm. So it was really good.

for starters, i had the Polenta Crumbed Foie Gras topped with raisins and bananas. You might think it's such a weird combi but it tasted heavenly! And looks pretty too!

Both my mum and sis had the Emulsion of Celeriac and Basil with sea scallop and green apple mousse. No comments from both ladies but they cleared every single drop on the plate.

For Mains both the men had Corn Fed Chicken Breast, white meat, healthy but tad dry.

Sis had the Line Caught Sea Bass. Really photogenic this one. vibrant colours and texture from the vined tomatoes and curled up asparagus. Lovely.

Mum and I had the Broiled Cod, seared to perfection. Lovely. Sweet and memorable, moist on the inside and lightly crisp on the skin. Even the Goma crusted ratte potatoes and cool sweet Edamame were pleasantly wonderful.

For desserts, I had the Golden Apple tart with King Island double cream + nougat ice cream. Slurps. Warm and crumbly. Melts in the mouth. Mixed with cold ice cream you get a fun dose of Hot and Cold feelings!

Specialty of the House! WJ, Mum and Sis had this...Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup with Black peppered ice-cream!!! (weird!!! but delicious nonetheless) and sesame crisp. The soup was thick and scrumptious. Everyone loved it.

Hunter Valley Wash Rind+Quandong paste (which had all of us wondered really long what fruit we were eating cos none of us could rem the menu) + crisp lavash. We didn't like the raisins though cos they had seeds in them.

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