Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tokyo Day 01

TOKYO here we come!

Daddy and mummy sent us to the airport, saying our goodbyes before we left for Tokyo. Our 9 day trip!!!! WE are SOOO excited i can't really describe the feeling!

although there were the:-
why u must go now...your house reno how??? aiyoh then who's gg to look after the reno???

sigh. but i need MY HOLIDAY!!! my last vacation was 6 months ago!!! and so, here we are at Changi Airport T2 waiting for my turn to board Cathay Pacific to Narita Airport.

OMG plane delayed and we missed the last limited express train to Shinjuku. How How How. and according to the air stewardess, all staff counters will be closed by 845pm. Leaving only the automated counters. oh -no.
After collecting our luggages, it was 9pm-ish. And there was one staff counter that was still opened!!!
The male staff told us there that was no more a direct train ride to shinjuku, and now what's left was for us to transit.
rite. give us anything as long it can take us to the hotel!!!

and after 1.5hr of train ride and plus one transfer onto another line. WE finally reached our hotel's street:Ome Kaido. we took a cab from Shinjuku station to Ome Kaido. Dropped off somewhere along the street cos our Cab driver doesn't know where is Rose Garden Hotel.
Well...we dragged our luggage up and down the street, we saw AMPM, saw 7-11 as indicated on the hotel's map and directions but still we couldn't find the hotel.
Almost losing all hope and weather was so cold, we went into the 7-11 to ask for directions. He knew our hotel but he couldn't speak English and just pointed to us a direction.

Right. by hook or by crook, i will get to my hotel!

and so we continued to lug our luggage, and OMG we saw a tiny sign on this wall that said :Rose Garden.

i was so relieved.

and after settling our luggage, we were so excited that we decided to take a walk downstairs and check out the 7-11!!! and look what we found!

we bought bento, cold noodles, sake, mineral water as our hotel didnt have them, and junk food!
and all the bentos had a calorie count on them!!! including my cold noodles too! So weight cautious these japanese pple.

our buys on our first night. and we watched telly till midnight before we fell asleep. So good to be on a holiday!!!!

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