Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tokyo Day 08-Daikanyama walk

What's for today?
First we will visit Asakusa, on the way, we'll have some shots with Bandai's famous cartoon characters. Next stop: Shopping at Daikanyama. Walked down to Shinjuku. Take the metro down to Shibuya for more last minute shopping. Dinner at a local sushi restaurant.

early morning, we called for breakfast from the hotel.
830am: start making our way to Asakusa

more poses with Ultraman!

On the way, pass the Bandai building and the Asahi Dry Hall by Philip Stark.
And we have reached Asakusa. Bought some japanese crackers here for the office.

wj trying his fried sweet potato. this store apparently has loads of newspaper cuttings and has a long q of people waiting in line for its food. Hmm...not as good as our goreng pisang back home!!! REALLY!

Sensoji Temple:
Sensoji is Tokyo's oldest temple. It is dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, and is therefore popularly known called Asakusa Kannon Temple.
We tried our hands at the coutner wher eyou can buy your fortune by putting a 100 yen coin into the wooden box and shaking it until a long bamboo stick emerges out from a small hole at the bottom. The stick has a number which corresponds to one of the numbers on a set of drawers.
Take the fortune written in both english and japanese, from the drawer that has your number. If you don't like what it has to say, you can conveniently negate it by tying it to one of the wires provided for this purpose just outside the main hall.

wj negating his divine lot at the wires.

passing by the "Gundam" building, Aoyama Technical College.

at Fumihiko Maki's office!

lunch at 7-11! a quick bento set which was just as delicious from a restaurant.

next stop: SHINJUKU!!! a pitstop at the always fulled Starbucks cafe which overlooks one of the most famous junctions of shinjuku. Here one can see the crazy mass of people crossing the busy junction. It's really quite something!

after watching a few crowds crossing the junction, we made our way for more shpping at UNIQLO

sectional view of Shibuya's new extension metro station

some stuffs which really intrigue us - like mini paper models!

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