Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tokyo Day 05- Ghibli Museum

Tokyo Day 05*click on photos to enlarge.
what's on today's menu???

Meiji Shrine > quick bite bento > GA Gallery > Ghibli Museum > Shibuya

we arrive at Meiji Shrine in the morning. and saw Yoyogi National Gymnasium from Kenzo Tange, built in the 1960s. Uncle Tange also did our Singapore Indoor stadium back home u know...see the resemblance over here? with the curve sloping roof???

and we saw 2 japanese weddings!

12noon: bought a quick bite from Lawson's and ate outside on a bus-bench.
Walked our way to GA gallery.
Each ticket entry was 500 yen. And we bought that issue to commemorate our visit there.
It was a well worth visit, the gallery though small, the exhibits were enough for a 2 hour visit with physical models, A1 panels and lots of creativity to explore across the 2 levels of architecture! i totally enjoyed it!

us at the bus bench with our bento set. abit squat but we enjoyed our little lunch by the roadside.

from Kitasando Stn > Meiji Shingu Stn > Shinjuku >switch to CHUO line to get to Mitaka Stn!!!
hoot hoot...was a ride man. The lines of tokyo can drive one crazy.
The bus ride from the Mitaka station to the Ghibli museum was a short and bumpy one.
It's the furthest end stop from the station and you wouldn't miss the Ghibli Museum bus cos it's so yellow-ey bright! and although it was 130pm, there was already a long queue snaking...
Take note that Ghibli Museum closes on every tuesday. Entrance fee: 1000 Yen (adults)

OUTSIDE where we can TAKE PHOTOS!!!
and we posed with the famous robot! hmm...and saw a cube from "Transformers"!!! with funny engravings too. Did i mention that there are outdoor taps for washing your hands by the cafe are in the form of a kitty!!!!

No photo-taking in the yups...only managed to quickly snapped one here..which shows the many layers like Harry Potter's Hogworths! Pop out balconys, staircases leading to a small door, spiral steps that leads to no where significant, bridges that links from one corridor to anther...doors that opens to a mirror!

a window filled with eyes!

after the delightful afternoon at Ghibli Museum ,we decided to walk back to the station (trying our luck here) through the enchanting Inokashira Park. Passed and stopped by the quaint little cafe called: Cafe Du Lievre. A really beautiful pit-stop where they serve pretty edible things called galette. We shared a tomato soup, galette and grape juice.
The walk from the park leads to a crowded and bustling narrow alleys of shops.

hahahha... wonderful afternoon. we had real fun spending time here....just watching it drizzle outside the window pane. scribbling our stuff, looking at my newly bought stickers (3d ok!)

on the way...saw a ice-cream vending machine!!! couldn't resist it and bought a green macha can i say no to GREEN TEA!!!

from the shops, we took the subway back to Shibuya for some city shopping.

and we had dinner at Yoshinoya. I know everyone will be wondering why we eat at Yoshinoya when there are so many in singapore. BUT! how do you know that Tokyo's are better back home???
U can't until u try the real stuff right?
WELL...SINGAPORE's are way much better!!!!!
and i bought a potato chips maker!!!

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