Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tokyo Day 02 - 1st Half of the day

1030am: Rise and Shine
11am: And off we went onto the streets of Ome-kaido.

There was a Lawson's convenience store around our hotel area, so we went there to buy our Ghibli Museum Tickets. $1,000 per person. Ask the store assistant for assistance to purchasing your ticket as the Loppi machines are in Japanese.

Had my caffeine fix at Doutors. Quite good and affordable. $560 yen for a cuppa coffee and a sandwich. And they can found almost everywhere in Tokyo.

12nn: Shinjuku's Uniqlo store. and we went mad with shopping. It was 4 storeys? Can't really remember but it was fun shopping at the start of our day instead of going to work! muahahahhaah

so here we are, getting our Suica cards. They are just like our local EZlink cards. very convenient!

and there metro trains are in green at Shinjuku, cos later i found out that there are a few colours!

cosplay peeps.

and a must-try at Harajuku is of cos their crepes!

rainy day with lots of umbrellas 'floating' around.

a banner saying "NO SMORKING" ...hahahha

art installation at La Foret and it has a Kitson shop! YAY! Got a bag there...and nothing for Mr Goh from MUJI - his fave store.

KiddyLand!!! and i got a few items here again!

Audi Forum Building...hmm, the car looks nothing like the building though. And Dior by SANAA!

here's what Omotesando Dori looks like. Lots of trees lining along the road. Really similar to our Orchard road. and it's not busy at all. i saw many of the carpark fees were like $3 per min??? No wonder nobody drives around here.
And we walked past Omotesando Hills by Tadao Ando.

GYRE by MVRDV...has a MOMA store there, so more shopping for me... Really cool stuff...and if you are into creative stuff, you should check it out!

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