Monday, May 24, 2010

Tokyo Day 03 - YOKOHAMA

yes and we are off to Yokohama for a half day trip. Stopping by chinatown, walk down yamashita park. Finally doing the 'been there done that' for Osanbashi Pier, or the more well-known Yokohama Harbour!!!!

me having my first meat bun in chinatown, with kurobota pork. Supposedly quite famous in chinatown.

more evidences of us at Chinatown. Looks like the one back in Melbourne if you ask me!

posing in front of Hikawa Maru! It was first put into service in 1930 along the Yokohama-Vancouver/Seattle line. The ship had first-class cabins that attracted the likes of the imperial family and Charlie Chaplin for the transpacific journey. In 1960, after 30 years at sea, the ship was retired. It now serves as a museum, with informative displays and interiors in the style of the 1930s.

and we are at the entrance of Osanbashi Pier.

Big head photos. Those shots that most couples have when there's simply no one available to take a shot of us.

amazing interiors! Look at the roof!!!

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