Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tokyo Day 06- HAKONE!

7-730am: Rise and Shine!!!
had a quick grab at Doctor's for my caffeine fix

8am: we reached Odakyu Sightseeing tour services. And they were quite helpful in getting tickets for us and explaining things what can be done at Hakone.

Took the romance car package 11,740 yen for 2 pax.
It's the express way to Hakone. Takes only 1.5hrs.
If you take the normal train, it will take about 3 hrs.

10am: Reach Hakone.
Ate breakfast at the station

Took a tozan bus to Moto Hakone
walked thru the cedar wood trees.
Got ourselves to the Hakone Park checkpoint

bought myself a soft cone matcha. Felt real good, swinging my brolly with my hand. the sun shining down at us. it was a wonderful day.

WE took the pirate ship to TOGENDAI and followed by Hakone Ropeway to OWAKUDAI, where the sulphur vents were. Bought a packet of sulphur boiled eggs to share. They were all charred black on the outside. The shells were easy to peel.

Climbing the hill made wj dizzy. he claims it was the sulphur smoke that's hovering around us that's causing him woozy doozy. MAN.
The eggs claim to prolong a person's life!!!

1 egg = 7 more years on earth

Well, we departed our 500yen for a packet of eggs.

us. sitting by the waterside.

that our pirate ship arriving at the docks.

posing with apes.


and here we are!!!

the egg yolk is soo YELLOW!!

daisies are like weeds out here!

changed into our yukatas when we got into our room. We rest for awhile before roaming out in search for dinner!!! and we found it.

our tonkatsu dinner at a quaint little inn.

Good nite!

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