Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Langkawi Day 01 Afternoon

2nd half of my day in Langkawi:
This is me, going after an ox on the road, trying to take some "Langkawi" photos. Roads are filled with oxen, lazing on the grass patch, swiping flies off their backs with their bushy tails. It's quite a rare sight for a city girl like me. They look especially cute!
No need for leashes and I'm sure they are all waiting for their masters to come pick them up after the day ends. Wonder what does their masters do?

see! that's us trying to take a photo with a cow And she's quite fierce and camera shy too!!! That's because when i tried to go nearer to her, she starting walking towards me!!!! OMG, I wouldn't want to be stampeded by a cow!!! even though it's not a big one.

after some clicking...we proceeded down to Oriental village, where we tried our luck at getting tickets for the cable car ride and hopefully visit the famous skybridge of langkawi.

Right. The sky bridge is closed said the operator due to some maintenance. She also told us to call before coming down tomorrow to try our luck. Well, lesson learned. Better come before 4pm to be sure our getting your tickets for the cable car ride. And the operators here are really strict, if there's bad weather like wind or rain, the sky bridge will be closed to tourists. So another tip: make sure you check the weather report before you arrive!

that's us in front of the main entrance of Oriental Village.

Oriental village is really a dead town. There's nothing much to see, or anything worth buying. Even the souvenirs are not fantastic or anything relating to the cable car or skybridge. One can definitely find better souvenirs at Kuah town or even down at the beach area.
The only things worth doing here is getting the cable car ride up and taking a walk at the sky bridge, which is quite a nice experience.

It was such a sunny afternoon and what's best to cool down??? ICE-CREAM!!

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