Friday, September 10, 2010

Langkawi Day 03 Dinner!

after hanging out at the beach....
Went to the Jetty Point and Eagle Square to see the iconic statue of Langkawi.
The Eagle Square is a sprawling 19-acre landmark located to the front left of the new Jetty Mall Complex in Kuah. The imposing 12-metre tall statue of the brown eagle can be clearly seen from the air or from the sea. I wonder why eagles, but if it was because of the all the eagles that can be found in the ECO tour...then yup, maybe it makes some sense to have an eagle for a national icon.

Dinner was at Orchid Restaurant in Kuah Town
We spent a total of $82ringgit.
Steam prawns
Crab tofu
Ginger lala
A plate of veggies
2 cans of Heineken
2 bowls of rice

OMIGAUD! So this is their signature crab tofu!'s erm, not very seafood-ish about it. Back home, it's just fried tofu with crab sauce.

our steam prawns which you can't see here because it's camouflaged with garlic!!! and our silver plate of steam lala.

Steam prawns: Not flavourful. I think the restaurant doesn't really know how to cook garlic with prawns.
Steam lala: This dish is ok.

Overall, I really don't understand why the reception at our hotel recommend Orchid over Wonderland!!!! Wonderland is SO MUCH better. Tune in to Day 04 Langkawi where we had dinner at Wonderland.

after all that eating, it's time for souvenir shopping! Langkawi is a duty free island so from what i gather, it's chocolates to bring home for family and friends!

all our goodies!

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