Thursday, September 9, 2010

Langkawi Day 03 Breakfast

Breakfast was at "The Loaf"
We had the 'Tun's Breakfast'
$52.80Ringgit for 2 sets
I must say although it is quite pricey but it's really very enjoyable. The bread was freshly baked, crust was crumbly and hot, when dipped into the thick savoury curry, WHAM. It's damn good if you ask me. The set is served 2 soft-boiled eggs, bowl of curry, thick toasted bread with orange juice and coffee or tea (your choice).

Address: The Loaf (Source from Wikipedia)
Lot no C9, Perdana Quay (Telaga Harbour Park)
Japanese style bakery & bistro owned by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-Prime minister of Malaysia. Wonderful place for a leisurely breakfast.

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