Thursday, September 9, 2010

Langkawi Day 02 What's for Supper?


There's a late night eatery just outside our hotel called Rootian.
This little place comes alive after 7pm. In the day, the rest of the place are taken up by individual stalls selling wanton noodles, char siew noodles (yes, this place sells non-halal food!!!), teochew mui etc etc. Once the sunset, the seafood cum cze char stall comes alive.

So we decided to give this place a try. And it's already 11pm.

we had their Tiger prawns, 2 pieces cost us $98. A plate of garlic kai lan $10 and one plate of lala $12. 1 can of Tsingtao beer $3.50 to share

Total bill came up to $124 Ringgit. Approx SDG$62. Hmm... cooking wise, not bad.
Price wise: A tad expensive compared to the others which we have eaten.
Well i suppose since it is one of the few restaurants that stays open till late must be one of the reasons for having a pricier bill.

Prices in ringgit.

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