Thursday, September 9, 2010

Langkawi Day 02 Dinner at Perdana Quay

Telaga Harbour Park
This little place is quite confusing. On one hand it's called Telaga Harbour Park, on the other hand it is also known as Perdana Quay.
Anyway, if you find road signs towards either name, yup you are on your way there!

so we had an early dinner at Tapaz. One of the restaurants along the quay lining in a straight row. There's a new hotel right beside Telaga Harbour too.
The view was quite serene with yachts and birds.
We ordered one serving of chicken chop, one green curry, tonic water for him and a strawberry milkshake for me.

Ritey. We don't really 100% recommend this as a must-visit place. If you have spare time to drive around, and looking for a moderate price meal with ambience, then this place is quite suitable. Otherwise, i'm sure there are lots of other places where you can find good and cheap seafood!!!!

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