Saturday, November 28, 2009

DAY 01- Hong Kong

Yes! and we are on our way to our Pre-Hunny Moon destination - HONG KONG.

Although we have been to HK many times now, but it was always touch and go type. SO this time, we are staying 5 full days to cover all grounds, eat lots of dim-sum, wanton noodles, roasted meat and tremendous amount of push-cart rubbish!

day 1 in a glance

9am: Complimentary breakfast at the Crowne Plaza. BUFFET! I wouldnt say it was my best. But nonetheless, nothing is going to spoil my mood!!! Finally the whole wedding is out of the way!!!

10am: Check out of our hotel suite, and making our way to the airport which was just next door!!!
1125am: Boarded CX 714
340pm: Hongkong here we come!
4pm: Got our luggage. Took the hotel city link shuttle transfer. Cost $135 HKD/pax.
5pm: Reached hotel. Wash up and let's go for DINNER!
1st stop: 香港仔魚蛋粉
地址:西洋菜街148號 (they have quite a few branches in HK)
What we had, besides the recommended noodles which we had, we also shared a plate of veggies ($7) and ice lemon tea ($7)
wj: 牛腩麵 ($22) beef noodles are always wj's favourite, so no complains here.
me: 魚肉麵 ($22) this was really good!!! noodles made from fish meat!!!

715pm: After dinner, it's time to work out those carbos! and we are off shopping at Langham place. MUJI !!

8pm: Time for a rest!!! hahah that was fast rite? Where to have a quick snack? We stopped over at Saint's Alp Teahouse.
WJ had his regular Bubble milk tea ($21) while I had the Yam Milk tea ($23) and we shared a plate of crispy chicken chop ($19). Along the streets...Bought a swan chair for ahren!

10pm: back at the hotel where we watched some telly.

12mn: Time for supper!!! More food!!! We stopped over for some push-cart tidbits. Things like smelly tofu ($7), squids on a stick and more milk tea($12)!!! Had "GongCha" Milktea along Dundas street. Ridiculous i know! But we are so happy and just really want to eat and eat and eat!!! Anyway, i needn't watch my weight anymore now that I don't have to wear a gown...heehee.

1am: Watched Chronicles of Narnia on telly.

2am: we called it a night, anyway it was our first night in HK, more happy nights to come!
photos of Crowne Plaza hotel before we check-out. And duty free shopping...woo...nice absolute vodka bottles here, me making a mental note here ...'buy vodka when coming back'
freshen up first before we make our move out for dinner!

some snippets for memories.

and here we are!香港仔魚蛋粉

here's what we ate and a quick and easy menu (in chinese and english) to order.
After dinner, some light shopping at muji before heading for some HK bubble milk tea which i miss so much!!! Sweet-talk is so different from the ones in HK. Think i'm biased. But i still like HK ones better.
a really happy 'foxy' wj. Did i mention that he's a little sleepy too???

lastly, to end the night, more supper! - smelly tofu, squids and milk tea!
* Prices are all in Hong Kong Dollars.

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