Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding - #28 AN CHUANG


hahaha...actually it's quite ez! at first we were SO clueless about it. But once you make a purchase of the 10 auspicious items to be placed on the bed from a 'wedding' store. They will give you an instruction sheet to follow on what to be done.

We purchased ours from a store in Chinatown.People's park complex on the 2nd storey. It has 2 stores opposite each other.
The guy was quite helpful as he explained to us in English. The instructions are only in mandarin!

  1. shift the bedframe to the location where you want (this is the An Chuang)
  2. Next lay the mattress
  3. Put the bedsheets
  4. Lay the "Xi" red packet at the four corners of the bed together with the bakua
  5. Next put your pillows, bolsters, quilt, etc
  6. Lastly, put the 10 auspicious items (represents shi quan shi mei)on the centre of the bed together with 2 oranges. There's a red packet too which needs your parents to fill it up with 8 $1 gold coins and to be given to you to be place together that makes up the 10 items.
  7. Turn on the bed lamps and keep it on till the actual day
  8. Close the door and make sure that no one opens it till the both of you open the room on the actual day. The meaning whereby another person opens the room before you both means that there will be a third party in your married life!!! So believe it or not, better LOCK THE ROOM!!!
  9. After 3 days, the 10 items can be boiled for tea and to be drunk between yourselves. Best if you feed each other so that your married life will be perfect and sweet. The red packet of 8 gold coins to be kept for prosperity.
  10. Got it?

Our Simmons mattress arrived that morning! Our Auspicious An Chuang Timing was quite generous from 3pm - 11pm! So we could take our time. Our mattress also comes with an anti-bacteria packet to ward off all bacteria and bedbugs!

That's wj putting our really Auspicious bedsheet. hahha so red and full of the double happiness wordings on it! We got it from Ausino. Check them out cos they usually have wedding theme bedsheets.

And of cos our mattress also came with 2 complimentary Simmons Deep Sleep pillows. Hopefully they are true to their name, cos I usually don't have deep sleep...muahahahha

And finally, we turned on the bedside lamps which we got from Ikea.

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