Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding - #33 Dinner Reception

our dinner reception started at 7pm where the guests started strolling in quite on time i say! WJ and I were all dressed up about 6-ish. Made our way down to the reception where all our pretty SIA sisters donned in their loveliest kebayas to greet our guests.
WJ and i also had made our gift box into a luggage, a rather whimsical box where we really enjoyed doing. Besides the 'ang-bow' box, we also did a "NOW SHOWING" movie poster of us to be placed at the door way of our ballroom as that night, the 'in-flight' entertainment will be featuring...US! hahaha....i have spent quite a few weekend nights putting our wedding montages together for this special night.

I really hope my guests will enjoy the night which wj and I have put together. Because it's our wedding and we want our guests to enjoy themselves!

some interior shots of our wedding ballroom, the 'foliage' ceiling of the ballroom which changes in lighting, our wedding cake which is not edible(hahaha) and our wedding menu

some paper planes which wj and I folded for the guests to throw during our second march-in.

shots in the wedding suite before the reception.

more shots during the wedding reception where we entertain our guests as they start arriving. Here I'm wearing my solemnisation dress, which is a heart-shape bustier top with swarovski crystals and a 'tu-tu' bottom. Soon i will be going up to my suite for my 1st change - my wedding gown!!!

have you gotten your boarding passes ready cos our SQ sisters are waiting to CHECK YOU IN!

our gift box made by ourselves, spare parts from IKEA! and a Movie poster featuring that night's in-flight entertainment with thanks to guest starring all wedding helpers and our parents.

luggage tags for our guests to take home, finishing up the Bon Voyage theme of our wedding.

thank you for sharing our joy

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