Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding - #23 GUO DA LI 过大礼

wj and i have finally come to a conclusion for our Guo Da Li 过大礼.
After sourcing endless hours on the internet forums, websites, hearsay from elders, marrieds, going-to-get-married, haven't-gotten-married-befores...u name it, we asked them. Getting more and more confused!!! hahahha...

anyway here's our list:(btw we didn't really follow any dialects...)
  1. roasted pig weighing 3kilos (to be delivered before tea ceremony at the bride's place)
  2. wedding cakes (on the actual day itself, special request from MIL)
  3. 18 mandarin oranges
  4. 2 pomelos
  5. 8 cans of pig trotters
  6. pin jin (amount depends on groom and we bought a BIG angbow!!!)
  7. 2 bottles of red wine (MIL prefers red wine to hard liquor)
  8. Jewellery set
WJ's parents are coming over to deliver the gifts as traditionally it should be delivered by a matchmaker or in modern days now, it's usually an aunt. But since the in-laws are coming over, might as well accept their well wishes!!!

Ritey, will post more when it happens! it's happening this coming sunday!

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