Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding - #30 WJ arrives!!!

the boys are here and see what happens!!!
and being whacked by the sisters!

here's the morning half which i missed as I was in the room waiting for wj to arrive with my bouquet of flowers. OOOHHH i so wanted to see the ACTUAL thing!!!

The day started really early, and here are some photos which depicts somewhat the morning's events! and of cos along the way, i gathered some news from all the sisters' mouths as to what had happened during my absence.

the sisters had prepared Task 1 downstairs for the brothers to perform before coming up! Wondering what's the task???!!!

oh oh...they are scrambling around the carpark....hmm...looks like one has gotten himself down on the floor already!

and the brothers did a very good job!!! can you see the human words that they have formed?

another task by the sisters although one of my sisters here looks kanna bullied instead!!!

she doesn't look too bullied here already!!! MUAHAHAHAH

dad and mum both very engrossed in their first "gatecrash"!!!

wj looking very stunned here....

looks like one of the brothers really enjoyed his breakfast!

joelle was the main GUARD of the door!!! NO brothers can go thru this little mama!

More money through the door!!!!

And the brothers performs another task!!!

Limbo ROCK!!! and Mervyn lands on his butt.

and Marshall makes it thru' with his teeth all clenched up!

yet another task set by the sisters!!!! and this time poor Ken kannas the leading role of being...ME!

and the groom holds his hand to pledge his love for me thru my wooden door....

everyone enjoys a good performance!

and the grooms goes in!!! with all the other sisters peeking in!!!

and I'm finally out of the room!!!! YEAH!!!

my pink posy. The hand bouquet has a similar concept to the bottom of my wedding gown - all FLUFF!

joelle is carrying the red umbrella for me here - to ward off bad stuff...

V - for velle!!!!
And I'm all set for my first tea ceremony over at WJ's place....although the cooper was a bit small for my gown, but I was like sitting in a fluff ball!!!! So cushy and with our top opened, it was breeze to his house!!! Love every minute of it!!

and to sum it all before we leave....

will post more for the tea ceremony events!!!

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