Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding - #31 Tea Ceremony 1

cruising on the highway...
as it was pretty early, there wasn't much traffic. already i was on adrenaline! The gown was pretty heavy, i was abit sleepy, thank godness i had a cuppa black coffee before i left my mother's place. So now we are heading over to Yishun where Mr goh stays to serve tea to the elders.

that's us climbing up the stairs as the lifts do not serve all storeys.
*pant pant*
Luckily there was my cousin helping me with my fluffy train!

while waiting for all the elders to arrive as we were very early!

family protrait

some interior shots of wj's room.

serving each other dumplings - a sign of roundness and fulfillment in marriage

more of the elders arriving now...

and the pang brothers are invited to have their first test 'bungee' jumps on our bed!

looks like the boys are really enjoying themselves!!!

wj and I have our first married pillow fight here...

retro marble tiles in wj house...really love the patterns here!
and the groom removes the bride's veil before she changes into her KUA.

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  1. pics are really nice. you had such an interesting wedding; love all the details :)