Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding - #29 Bride preps up!!!

and I'm not even teochew.

The day started really early at 4am. I wash up, showered and applied my face mask, changed to a button down shirt and soon then you know it, Bobbie, my make-up artist was here at 5am.

She started with my make-up first before doing my hair. About 530-6am-ish, lots of phone ringing starting buzzing...many of the sisters were arriving!!! and Lots of giggling can be heard from the outside. The girls all came in to say hi one by one as they good to see them!!

It was quite tiring sitting so still there.. not having fun in the kitchen.Wondering what those girls are up too!!!
Around 630, Yang our videographer was here!!! And my hair was like a poodle!!! Gosh!!! So i told him to "stop taking me!!!" muahahah ....

me smiling to myself...or rather, i know that Terry was taking me so I smiled abit...

some photos taken by Terry while everybody is eagerly waiting for the groom and his boys to arrive!!! My gown hanging from my wardrobe!!! think it's almost 5kilos!!! and my countdown calendar of things to do before the wedding!!!!

the pretty breakfast sandwich which the girls did for the boys. Really sweet rite! It was all Tingyu's idea!

ta-duh! Finally my hairdo is done! It will be the same for the entire morning half which consists of the gatecrashing and 2 tea ceremonies. And yup yup, Justin my florist has given me pink carnations for my hair. Wait till you see my hand bouquet!!!

that's mum and dad, covering my veil for me.

Many thanks to my wedding helpers for making my wedding day possible and successful!
  1. My sisters: Joelle, Alancia, Caris, Tingyu, Sherene, Vivian and Rouwan.
  2. Brothers: Weisheng, Mervyn, Raymond, Gerald, Marshall, Colin and Ken
  3. Photographer: Terry from One Eye Click who was running a fever that day! Poor guy! So really a BIG THANK YOU!!!
  4. Videographer: Yang from Substance Films.
  5. Make-up artist: Bobbie from the Make-up room who arrived the earliest and ON-THE-DOT. She really is Miss Punctual! Brides who have her as MUA needn't worry!
  6. Florist: Justin from Fleurlicious who handles all my floral arrangements.

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