Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding - #32 Tea Ceremony 2

after the tea ceremony at WJ's place, it's back to my place (bride's side) for tea 2!

here's a close up on my shoes!!! on the steps.

that's us walking along the common corridor of a typical slab block HDB.

reached the carpark where we decided to have a girly shot! Sisters Unite!
All of us squinting our eyes in the bright sunny afternoon. The sisters all look very 'neat' in their dresses.

And the roasted pig arrives at the YEO's house with the help from Mervy and Raymond. Here's frosty, giving a wide smile and wagging his carrot tail. He loves happy occasions like these. When there are loads of people around him, he feels very happy!

serving tea now....

and more tea....

after serving tea, it's time for more family portrait.

also we ate hard boiled eggs at my place after the tea ceremony.

close-up of the piggy. animal lovers please don't condemn me, my mum says it's tradition for her to have a roasted pig.

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