Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding - #29 GUO DA LI 过大礼

EXCHANGE OF GIFTS...even though it isn't xmas yet.
Our Geomancer had 2 auspicious dates for our Guo Da Li and one of them happened to be on a weekend! So yeah! we needn't especially take our leave for this occasion.

So the news was spread to both parents. Have them get the items ready. Of cos we did help them in purchasing some items like stickers and brocades for the gifts.

here are the list of items from the...

G R O O M :
18 mandarin oranges, 2 pomelos, 8 cans of pig trotters, 2 bottles of red wine, a box of macaroons with 12 pieces in it and finally the BIG ONE - Ping Jin

B R I D E :
12 mandarin oranges, a set of toothbrush toothpaste and mug, 2 pillows + 2 bed cushions prepared by the bride, a pair of pants suit for the groom already tailored to fit, a luggage of new clothes for the bride prepared by the bride herself of cos, fresh new set of towels, 2 bedside lamps and lastly 2 bottles of orange squash.

here's a picture of what the groom had prepared before coming over to the bride's traditional!!! with all the stickers on the oranges. And a red basket to hold the pomelos.

wj and his dad, carrying all the gifts to the car.

And they reached the bride's place during the auspicous hour!
We didn't get a matchmaker or auntie to do the Guo Da Li for us. Instead the groom's parents brought everything over. I think it's the thoughts and sincerity that counts.

No need for matchmaker....quite troublesome when you can do it yourself.

pretty macaroons! and owen could sniff those sweeties from a mile!!!!

Red basket of gifts from the bride side.

Daddy's looking all pleased on the couch there...

And we took 3 trips just to put all the gifts into our car!!!! *phew*

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